Finally broke a motor

Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by DuaneM, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. DuaneM

    DuaneM Drone? I don't see any drone ... crap!

    I stacked two 3.7v 1200mha batteries on my little quad and it would get up off the ground and fly around like it was dragging a parachute. I knew it was too much weight, but I had to try.

    I got it up about 75 feet and accidentally switched off my transmitter trying to open the sunshade on my monitor. Needless to say, she hit the ground hard and bent a prop. I replaced it real quick and took off one of the batteries. I threw her up in the air and she just did some weird flips and wouldn't stop until it hit the ground again.

    These little 8.5x20mm coreless motors don't take too kindly to being bashed around. One of them was turning really rough when I spun it with my fingers. Looked a little out of alignment too. Anyhoo, I ordered 4 more and will then get to learn how to strip down the quad and replace the little motor.

    I really am enjoying test the limits of this toy grade quad so when I'm ready, I'll build me a Hobby Grade Aerial Platform and settle down into a serious mode of aerial exams of structures and bridges for the local government. That's until I make enough money to hog wild with the real stuff!
  2. DuaneM

    DuaneM Drone? I don't see any drone ... crap!

    Just watched a video ... They make parachutes for Drones!! AWESOME! I have to get me one of those for my next drone!
  3. DuaneM

    DuaneM Drone? I don't see any drone ... crap!

    UPDATE!! and your gonna love this one 'cause I bet you've done this too!

    The motor was fine, I used the wrong new blade. I mean, they gave me four blades in two different colors, I didn't know they had different pitches too!

    I'm back in the air again! I also know what the insides of my RTF quadcopter looks like and what blades go where now (I marked them).
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Don't think 'pitches" is the right term. They make props that are meant for either CW or CCW rotation. You didn't say what you have but most follow this setup.

  5. DuaneM

    DuaneM Drone? I don't see any drone ... crap!

    Thank you for adding this photo here! I just came in to look for it since I have actually killed a motor this morning and I had to take everything apart. It just quit working mid air and freewheeled to the ground. Thankfully it was only about three feet up at the time.

    No doubt this time, I put a new a motor on it and everything works!

    Pitch is an airplane propeller term I found on Wiki -

    I have the WLtoys V686G - it's a trainer for me since I have never used an R/C anything before now.
  6. Cfour

    Cfour Member

    Why did I find this post too late? Took apart my inductrix and I guess I put the props on wrong and it wouldn't lift. So bought myself a new one. After seeing this post I switch the props and sure enough it works like new. Well I guess now I have an extra one to mess around with
  7. DuaneM

    DuaneM Drone? I don't see any drone ... crap!

    I think this photo and post should be sticky to the top of the "Newbie Section" under "Newb Guides" or all three message threads in the "Newbie Section".

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