Feilun FX176c help!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kent Jefferson, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. GPS Drone - Right outta the box, with freshly charged batteries, the motors unlock but it won't fly! Troubleshooting says: Causes - #1) Rotors are damaged. NO! #2) Drone's battery pack is drained. NO! #3) Drone is not on a flat surface. Also NO! Anyone familiar with this Quadcopter? I'm stumped! :(
  2. mozquito1

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    I don't use GPS, I only fly acro. But have you done the GPS dance with it.
    Some drones won't fly or arm till this is done. Read the instructions on how to set this up. It should then arm.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes - I've been doing the dance with it, going strictly by the book. I thought maybe the thing wouldn't fly, unless you had 7-8 satellites. But the App says I have 10-18! I can unlock the motors with the App, but I don't have throttle control or take-off. I hope I don't have a bad transmitter. I don't want to send it back! :(
  4. GatorGrowl

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    I received mine today, and had the same issue.

    The solution was to ignore the steady green “charge complete” light and just leave it charge for a couple more hours. I also moved from a 1.2A charger to a 2A one.

    One or the other fixed it. Flies like a champ. It had trouble holding position at first, but I let it sit for several more minutes and it locked onto more satellites.
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  5. I don't think it's a voltage issue. I've been doing the same dance over and over, and only occasionally do I get the lights to stay solid. They usually blink in a 1-2 pattern, and I can't get them to turn solid - so I start all over again. I'll check the voltage with my meter, but I don't believe that's the issue.
  6. GatorGrowl

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    Voltages looked fine on the app’s display. In fact *everything* looked fine. I didn’t meter anything - I just threw it on to charge a few hours and it flew. It actually surprised me when it took off... I was not entirely in control of it when it did LOL

    One other thing - I wasnt using the app when at all when it finally throttled up. I flew using the controller only. I added the app later but just covering all the bases.
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  7. I'm still thinking I must have gotten a bad one! It's very difficult to get everything right, so that it will fly. I'll keep playing with it - and it will either work, or I'll sent it back.
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    Just send it back anyway. Tell them your not happy. Surely after all this time a person would have figured it out.
    Im not saying you have not. Quite the opposite. So there must be a fault.
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  9. Jackson

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    If it's new, document your problems with a video and open a ticket. If it's from GearBest and you hound them enough they will give a a store credit for the complete amount. They will not ask for it back.

    You can get this instead if you are on a tight budget, GPS but no FPV, but it's from a trusted manufacterer.

    Seems decent with good return to home and acceptable video for the $.
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