FCC fines Vendor of Drone A/V transmitters

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    FCC Penalizes Marketer of Ham-Band Drone Audio-Visual Transmitters

    The FCC has imposed a $180,000 civil penalty on a Sarasota, Florida, company that had been marketing noncompliant audio-visual transmitters intended for use on drones in violation of the Commission's Amateur Service and marketing rules. In an Order released on December 19, the FCC explained that Lumenier Holdco LLC (formerly known as FPV Manuals LLC) was advertising and marketing uncertified AV transmitters capable of operating on both amateur and non-amateur frequencies, including bands reserved for federal government use. Some of the transmitters also exceeded the 1 W power limit for Amateur Radio transmitters used on model craft, the FCC said.

    "Moreover, entities that rely on amateur frequencies in operating compliant AV transmitters must have an amateur license and otherwise comply with all applicable laws for such operation," the FCC said in the Order. The FCC said that while it generally has not required amateur equipment to be certified if it operates solely on Amateur Radio frequencies, certification is required if a device can operate outside of the ham bands.

    Last January, in what it called an "extremely urgent complaint" to the FCC, ARRL targeted the interference potential of a series of audio/video transmitters used on unmanned aircraft and marketed as Amateur Radio equipment. ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, said those transmitters used frequencies intended for navigational aids, air traffic control radar, air route surveillance radars, and global positioning systems.

    In addition to paying a civil penalty, Lumenier, which has admitted to marketing the noncompliant AV transmitters, will enter into a Consent Decree with the FCC to settle the enforcement proceeding and terminate the investigation.

    The case stemmed from complaints received by the Enforcement Bureau's Spectrum Enforcement Division. "The investigation revealed that some of the AV transmitters marketed by Lumenier were capable of being operated outside of the authorized Amateur Radio Service bands, including on frequencies reserved in whole or in part for federal agencies, but were not certified or otherwise compliant with the rules," the FCC said in its Order. "These AV transmitters are considered intentional radiators and must comply with the Commission's Equipment Authorization and Marketing rules."

    The FCC said that Lumenier ceased marketing the noncompliant transmitters after receiving a Letter of Inquiry from the FCC last April.
  2. dragger201

    dragger201 If it ain't broke, don't fix it??? You kidding?

    I hate this kinda stuff, Bill. This, along with things like the operator who ran his drone into a helicopter in NY, the one who dropped his drone on someone's head in the stadium(I think CA) is gonna screw this hobby up for everyone. These are the kinda things some no-count politician will/can use to make some kinda powerplay and it won't surprise me if we don't hear(in the not so distant future)........."For the children"........

    In a large part, this kinda stuff has cooled my enthusiasm for continuing development on "Frankendrone". As I got some short autonomous flights in, I started thinking about longer flights that would be beyond LOS and I loved that idea..........but I can only hypocrit so much....
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    I hear you. I have posted several times on here and other forums that "we" will kill the hobby. If you cant use common sense and self control to not fly into a forest fire with aircraft all around you, we are doomed.

    I have seen it happen in other hobbies. 4X4 off roading, dirt bikes, etc

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    But don't let FrankenDrone die ! oh nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:(

    Have fun
  4. dragger201

    dragger201 If it ain't broke, don't fix it??? You kidding?

    Oh I won't............but some serious re-thinking......................
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    I found this list of links to Spread Sheets on the FAA web page.

    Shows all the reports of idiots flying in restricted areas.

    SCARY!!!!!!! What is wrong with people???

    635 reports from 7/2017 to 9/2017

    The hobby is doomed. sorry!

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