F200C Specter transmitter calibration

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    Just getting started with my first drone, an F200C Specter. I cannot get the transmitter to calibrate. I’ve tried any number of times and even contacted Force 1 for help and still it won’t work. The transmitter does turn on but that’s it. Possibly a defective transmitter? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    That was the 1st question was asked on Amazon's customer questions & answers for the F200C Specter:


    How do you get the controller to calibrate? I hold the red button down for 3 seconds like it says in the manual and nothing happens

    > For those having trouble calibrating the transmitter. Hold the red button down then turn the power on then push the battery into the drone. This will pair the transmitter. It took me awhile to figure it out but it works.

    > Check battery life of drone I had same issue charge was to low

    > I wish I knew mine won't calibrate either

    > Anybody figure the calibration out? I power on the transmitter then hold the red calibration button for more than 3 seconds and nothing. Help!

    > If it is like the F18 you first have to rotate it 3 times horizontally until the lights change, the three time with the camera faced upwards until the lights change the finally both stick down and to the left. The red button only turns the rotors on or off and the few drones I have used. You will have to calibrate it after every battery change but not after each flight. I have no problems getting a solid GPS signal.

    > calibrate, as in what do you do when you turn it on to get it to sync to the controller, or do you mean how to calibrate the compass? or make sure it flys "flat"? I didn't need to calibrate anything honestly. I did have to watch some video's as it can be a tad intimidating--- but simply press red button for a few seconds, turn on the controller, then slap the battery in (make sure you take off the little black plugs that block the ports on the batteries when new!) and it should Bind together.. then back away. press red once, and it should spin. hit the button far left to make it auto takeoff, or just press up. Hope that helps. (*not affiliated with product or endorsed, just trying to help. happy flying!)

    > I almost sent this back because I thought it was broken. All that would happen was the amber and green lights would blink. After finding this and following Skeptic's answer of holding the red button when powering on, it paired giving me green, amber and red. Following the calibration instructions allowed it to unlock and fly. I haven't taken any video yet, but so far I'm very happy with how easy it is to control.

    > Another tip that isn't immediately obvious for first time startup is that it ships in "Gesture" mode, which is the "A" position under the left thumb toggle. You really need to be in GPS mode which is "B" position. Why the default would be B is beyond me, but that was our stumbling block out of the gate when we first got it.

    The problem is again addressed in another form later in the Q & As.

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    Hold down the red bottom & turn tx on (button still pressed). Release button. After 8 seconds, beep, install battery ,beeps , calibrate .

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