ETM 6.5 One-Wheel Hoverboard

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    This is my comprehensive review of the ETM 6.5 Inch One- Wheel Hoverboard. For more information and purchasing, check out this link:

    To start off, this product arrives in a large cardboard box. It is well protected in foam packaging. The first item in the box is a user manual. This manual is very detailed. It includes some valuable information regarding charging, as well as how to ride the board.

    The next item in the box is the charger. This is an alternate current (AC) charger, so it can be plugged into your wall outlet. If you want to charge up your board on the go, all you have to do is buy an AC to DC adapter. The charger outputs between 100-240 volts, which is about average. The charger is able to fully juice up the battery in just 1 hour, which is absolutely fantastic, especially when comparing it to other hoverboards. The battery in the hoverboard is 4.4 mAh , with a constant voltage of 36 V. This gives you hours of functional time, depending on the road surface and riders weight. The appropriate temperature range for charging the Lithium Battery in the hoverboard is from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, which is a great range. The charger also has overcharge protection built in, meaning that at full charge, the charger will stop providing energy to the battery. This prevents overheating and explosion of the battery, and also increases the life of your Hoverboard. In the media, there is a lot of negativity surrounding hoverboards due to them catching on fire, but with the smart charging system in this hoverboard, that will definitely not be an issue. The charger and Hoverboard also have a lot of safety certification, including FCC, UL, CE, BS, and RoHS.

    The last item in the box is the hoverboard itself. This looks like a skateboard. However, instead of a wheel on each corner, it has two wheels right next to each other, in the same orientation, right in the middle of the board. These wheels are so close to each other that they look like own wheel. However, the two separate tires reduce the turning radius to 0, like a standard hoverboard, so you can turn in place. The material used for the board is carbon fibre, meaning it is more durable in crashes and can withstand a rider with weight in excess of 300 pounds. Also, the carbon fibre is lighter than regular hard plastic, meaning the board is just over 20 pounds in weight. The board is painted in sleek black and white, which looks very appealing. The tires are 6.5 inches in diameter, giving the board a maximum climbing angle of 18 degrees. The board is powered by a high torque 500 W motor, which can accelerate it to a top speed of 18 plus mph. The board is quite fast, with an average speed of over 10 mph, which is superior to most other hoverboards. A full charge will last 7-8 miles, which is better than average in hoverboards. The board is waterproof, and measures 32 inches by 9 inches. The hoverboard also has beautiful and bright LED lights. These are useful for night time use. Another brilliant feature is the Bluetooth activated speakers. While you are riding your hoverboard, you can enjoy your favourite music.

    In conclusion, I believe this hoverboard is perfect not only for having fun, but also as a commuting device. For example, to avoid traffic and sweaty cycling, if your job is close enough, you could simply use this board to commute to and from work. It takes a couple of weeks to master this, and once you do, it is extremely fun to glide over pavement. It can also handle short grass and dirt very easily. To purchase this hoverboard , and for more information, check out this link:
    Check out my driving video:

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