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Discussion in 'First Build' started by ThomasPink, Nov 22, 2017.

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    I'm building my first drone (Tarot 680) and I want to make sure my ESCs will work with my motors.

    My battery is a 14.8v 5200 mah 50c (4s) Lecteon Pro and the ESCs I ordered are ZTW Beatles 40A 2-4s.

    Haven't ordered my motors but I'm looking at the Sunnysky V3508 700v.

    Will this configuration be compatible?
  2. Jackson

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    Here's the spec sheet on your motors.

    If you look you'll see that the highest load they show @ 14.8/100% is 22.5A with 1238 prop. 40A ESCs seem like overkill. I don't think those ESCs made for multi-rotors.
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  4. ThomasPink

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    Gotcha, thanks. I'll return the ESCs.

    I'm going to go with the aforementioned sunnysky motors as for they seem to be just right for the payload I'll be flying.

    Any recommendations on ESCs?
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    Makes sense these days. :)
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    So.. Mainly there are 2 parameters to take into consideration for both (Motors and ESCs)

    Current and voltage

    For the voltage it's really easy, it will be definied by the number of cells your battery has (Example 3s -> 11.4V aprox)
    the current depends on the efford the motor has to make to turn and will depend on a lot of factors but there are 2 main factors to take into account here:

    - Revolutions per volt (KV)
    - Propeller

    I normally use an online simulator to get the best set up, just created a video on this:

    Hope this helps!;)

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