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Discussion in 'First Build' started by Arch350z, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Arch350z

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    I am using the Racerstar RS20Ax4 ESC and the Ocday 3A Power Distribution Board with BR2205 Motors. I have removed all components other than these two to narrow it down to some issue between them. The PDB powers correctly and distributes appropriate voltage to each of the terminals including the 5V and the 12V. As soon as I have the ESC wired directly into the solder joint of the battery terminal on the bottom where there is the largest solder connection the PDB lights won't come on and no power is being distributed to it. The ESC does power up however. I have Red to positive, black to negative. The terminal is definitely soldered on correctly and once removing the ESC again the PDB distributes power again. I removed the two boards from the chassis in case there was some type of grounding issue with that but it made no difference. This is my first build, please help!
  2. Arch350z

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    I was able to resolve this, used the other terminals on the PDB and it all worked, guess it did not like sharing a terminal with the battery.

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