End point problem Flysky -i6

Discussion in 'First Build' started by QuadUK, Dec 31, 2016.

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    I built my first quad.
    Naze32 f1
    Little bee 30a esc - BLheli_s 16.5
    DYS SE2205 2300KV
    Fly sky-i6 and included Rx
    3S Lipo.
    Running Betaflight 3.0.1

    So it was working great and was flying excellent (Im a total noob and its scary fast haha). Had a couple of crashes and all was ok, then the Rx antenna got chopped of. I replaced the whole Rx just this minute and binded to Tx all is good. Checked endpoints etc..

    Ive got all the centre points bang on using the subtrim all at 1500 locked. I can not get the end points right though even using the max of 120% on the flysky-i6. I had them with the old Rx at about 1002 - 1998 or there abouts.

    This tim round each channel is around 1020-1750 or something like that, I have not done anything different I dont think? Is this critical or is close enough?


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