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    This is the "Eggsplorer" that was on sale for like $12 a while ago. I figured it would be a ridiculous Easter thing, but I was pleasantly surprised when it came.


    It seems to be the same plastic as another egg drone with some cute pad printing and no fpv camera. It has altitude hold and 6 axis gyro. I got it figuring "Altitude hold on a $12 quad?"

    It is pretty easy to fly as long as the wind is dead calm. If there's enough wind to hear in my ears, it can barely move into it in "fast" mode. I tried catching it on camera while fumbling the remote... It was a bad scene.

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    That’s pretty cool for 12 bucks.

    We’ve got a family reunion type beach trip coming up in June. I think I’ll be looking around for a couple cheap quads to let the little nieces and nephews play with that I don’t worry if they crash in the ocean or fill it with sand. :D
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    Juggling a camera and a remote, I managed to get the silly thing in front of the camera for a few seconds. It's easy to fly as long as there is no camera involved.

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