Eachine mini 4x3D quadcopter

Discussion in 'New Products' started by holtneil, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. holtneil

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    Eachine 4x3D a mini quad that flys inverted

    Well guys Eachine , Has stepped up the action of the mini quadcopter with this 3D quadcopter

    Whats new, well this quad is as well as flips and rolls it will fly inverted , Yes all you guys that want a mini to fly real 3D

    This quad Flies more like the bigger quads this is the one to get , Its bigger then the other quadcopters from Eachine due to the longer arms it has built in prop guards , still has the 6 axis gyro 3 rate setting

    20% 60% 100% flight modes , Smart mode so even if its nose in will follow stick commands , then

    There is the full 3D mode this will give you the flips and rolls like the G022 but now you can fly INVERTED

    Binding is different too ,power up transmitter then power up the quad , move throttle to full then to zero the props will kick , and now your ready to go , you can flick between flight modes and even switch the LEDs on and off

    She is fast , and very impressive in flight the inverted takes some skill to master , but this is what the hobby is about, master the beast

    The battery charges from the USB lead it comes with, and will be full in 60 mins or less , most mini quad batteries will just pop in the Belly of this lovely toy quadcopter

    She comes in a nice box, well packed in trays so you can store the quad without damage spare blades, charger lead , battery, transmitter , and a good instruction manual , but if you flown a mini quad your be at home with this great 3D flyer for Eachine.com 1425108080_1.jpg 1425108085_1.jpg 1425108091_1.jpg 1425108108_1.jpg 1425108121_1.jpg 1431588609_1.jpg
  2. Alice Scott

    Alice Scott New Member

  3. Alice Scott

    Alice Scott New Member

    I want to buy one as it might inverte loop.It is so cool
  4. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    It does fly well a bit strange when inverted getting head around controls lol
  5. MReis

    MReis New Member

    Nice !
  6. Sean Scimeca

    Sean Scimeca New Member

    If it flies at all like the H8 Mini... I Want It.....
  7. Rusty Shaffer

    Rusty Shaffer Member

    I just purchased this last week off an banggood for 17.99 with a 10 percent coupon. I already have a cheerson cx-10 and a syma 8xg. I just love the syma and fly it often.
  8. brotherhobby

    brotherhobby Brushless DC motor Merchant

    It looks very nice!

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