DSMX receiver not Working

Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by artomweb, Oct 7, 2018.

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    When the flight controller is powered and I plug the receiver in the led lights up orange for a fraction of a second, Beta Flight gives the arming flag 3, (error with receiver). The receiver is a DSMX pro, it’s one of the REALY small ones with a single signal cable.

    Also when powering with a lipo battery after the initial start up sounds the board beeps 3 times and the red light also flashes 3 times.

    And the f3 flight controller gets untouchable hot when powered for only a few seconds, is this normal!
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  2. wafflejock

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    No your FC shouldn't be getting extremely hot that is indicative of a short somewhere (high current because of low or no resistance means lots of heat). For the receiver would need to know if it is auto binding type or one with a bind button. For arming need to have the receiver configured properly first. Would continuity test on the FC to see if anything is connected to GND or VBat/power that shouldn't be.
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  3. RENOV8R

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    How is your receiver connected? Some Spektrum receivers require 3.3 volts instead of the typical 5 volts

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