Drone Spying and Other Ways to Stop Upsetting Geese

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kirk Stevens, May 16, 2017.

  1. Kirk Stevens

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    In a recent video, someone flew a drone over a group of geese in the park. You can see that the animals are getting irritated by having this drone fly over them. Finally, one of the geese flies unexpectedly at the drone, knocking it out of the sky where it landed upside down. The reaction to the video was unanimous by those who saw the video. It was not positive towards the pilot.

    Drone spying has certainly come in the news with more frequency. Television personality Mike Rowe has claimed to have shot one down as it flew outside of his bedroom. Yet, drone spying is not what it all seems. In fact, there are five reasons why drone spying is not what it all seems.
  2. ArmyVet

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    Reality and perception are two different things. If your drone is hovering 10 feet from my bedroom window. I really don't care what lens you have.

    Present company excepted. There are way too many idiots in this world and this hobby. Remember the recent quad at the major league baseball game. It crashed in between two occupied seats!

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