Drone Hits US Army Helo over NYC

Discussion in 'Quadcopters In The News' started by ArmyVet, Sep 26, 2017.

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    No one was hurt all they could find was a motor which was stuck in the door.
    So in this instance, registration was useless. They would be lucky to get a print off of it. Just a bit of chipped paint on the blade. So now we know 1 accident every 5 years. & no fatalities. Yet. Probably that muppet casey nestat.
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    My point is simply that we need to use self control. Or we will lose the right to fly anywhere. We will get further legislated to death.

    Example. In my younger days I rode dirt bikes. I had a 350 Kawasaki. Such fun! Finding a place to ride on the east coast was difficult. The state opened up a trial area for off roading. 4X4s and all manner of motorized vehicles were permitted. I was in hog heaven. There was only one restriction. One!
    Do not drive in or over the creek. Simple.

    It was closed down after a couple of months. Can you guess why???

    Stupidity reigns.

    Have fun.
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    That's why they put the sign there.
    If it goes underground then hey ho.
    I'm stocking up on spares.
    They can't take what I ain't got & I've never been to prison but feet up & some Xbox sounds better than work @ the moment.
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    I live in NYC spend a bit of time thinking about where and when I can fly responsibly... if not legally.
    Quite a few people DO NOT. I see people clumsily flying phantom style (800g?) drones in intersections over traffic and pedestrians.
    I predict that it will be a very short time before draconian laws come down on us...
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