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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SirSlickDaddyGThug, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. SirSlickDaddyGThug

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    So, I have been thinking about starting my own drone business and I want to go to Drone Command Live for some quality knowledge on the subject. Has anyone ever been or does anyone know someone who's been? Is it worth it or is it a scam? I think it would be interesting.
  2. GlassKnees

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    I had not heard of this until you posted your message, so I can't offer any advice on the outfit. However, I do have some questions for you:

    What sort of business do you have in mind with your drone(s)? Shooting commercial videos? Preparing 3-D imagery models for construction companies?

    Have you checked into the competition? Are there any other potentially competing businesses in your area? If so, how will you distinguish your service from them?

    Have you researched what you have to do to get a commercial certification from the FAA (I'm assuming you live in the USA)?

    Have you estimated your costs in order to get your business off the ground? I've read estimates that it costs around $10K to go into a commercial drone venture.

    I'm strictly a hobbyist and have considered going commercial. But even as a hobby, I can see a lot of work involved. For one thing, I treat my copters close to actual general aviation aircraft - I have put together a spreadsheet that is my preflight as well as mission checklist. I have conducted endurance flights, so I know the max range of each aircraft - this info is in my spreadsheet and it will inform me, when I enter the proposed mission distance if I can safely fly it. When planning a video shoot, I check out the area first, looking for any tall objects that might be collision hazards (I use a height measuring app on my iPhone for measuring objects), and I map out the flight using a Mission Planning application (I let the autopilot fly the aircraft while I focus on the video). Prior to each flight, I physically check out the aircraft for any damage, loose screws, bolts, etc. I make sure all systems are working and I make sure all batteries are fully charged, including the transmitter. At the flying site, I denote the takeoff and landing area so that it's clear of curious onlookers.

    Going commercial adds a whole new dimension of complexity - that of running a business: book keeping, advertising, etc. Lots of things to consider if you really want to go commercial!
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  3. SirSlickDaddyGThug

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    Thanks for the advice!
  4. Gabriel Yee

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    To tell you the truth I never heard of Drone Command, however I know about UAV coach and he does a very extensive training and will help you get your license if you need it.
    Check the website here uavcoach.com
  5. PilotSmith69

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    Save your MONEY! If you want to join something that will help you make money then look into the
    LightSport Man Professional Drone Association (PDA)
  6. PilotSmith69

    PilotSmith69 New Member

    If I was you I would look into the Professional Drone Association

    The LightSport Man Professional Drone Association has all the resources that anyone would need from day one; how to set up a drone business, all the steps needed to create a drone business, information about the FAA part 107, tips and tricks on how to take better pictures and videos, we also have scrips for every type of job you will come across in the drone industry.

    Here are some of the reviews:

    Shane Butler - Thank you so much for this presentation. I brought my son so he could see learn about options his drone hobby and interest could lead to. Little did I realize it would be eye opening for me too. Very inspirational presentation in many ways. And my son says a big THANK YOU for the drone carrying case you gave away.

    Thanks again!!

    John Fuller - Great resource! Very helpful! I highly recommend

    Jeremy Rivera - A great group with priceless information! No spam or repeat questions!

    Brandon Fickett - Great group of guys! I just started and am already loving it!

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