DJI Mavic in Germany

Discussion in 'Flight Videos' started by Savercop, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    Hy there,

    greetings from Germany. Here are some samples:
    (Sorry for the green line seems to be aproblem at YouTube....they are looking for a solution)..

    Stuttgarter Fernsehturm (TV Tower Stuttgart)

    GEWA Tower Fellbach ( German trump-Tower) :)

    May-Eyth-See in Stuttgart, near to where i life..
  2. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    a new one

    Castle Monrepos by the Lake at Ludwigsburg

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  3. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    and the last one for today :)

  4. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    no sun today

  5. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    first Nightshot.....i need more practice...

    Erster Nachtflug.....da muss ich noch an den Kameraeinstellungen feilen...

  6. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    Visit today the Burg Hohenneuffen :)

    War heute auf der Burg Hohenneuffen :)

  7. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    New Flightvideo...Sunset over Fellbach Oeffingen....close to Stuttgart...

  8. Dural_

    Dural_ Member

    These are very decent clips, good job with the music too.
    DJI Mavic is one of my favorites, But right now I have my own home-made copter,It's capabale, but I don't have a gps nor a sonar on it, So I'm afraid of flying it far away in case if I crashed it or I lost it.
    I have a qeustion tho, Do you have a permit for flying your drone? Or is it not a problem to fly drones in Germany?
  9. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    I have a permission, and a insurance :) right now it is still very easy to get it, but they are working on a new law....we will see....

    Endlich mal wieder bisle Sonne... :)

    A bit sun today

  10. oscar88

    oscar88 Chevalier du Ciel

    Is it legal to fly over houses in Germany?
  11. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    Your are not alloud to Fly oder Group of people.
    And I usualy Keep The drone oder The street or The river
  12. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    See what i got...

  13. Savercop

    Savercop Member

  14. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    German Sportspark bearbeiten Stuttgart

  15. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    Ice an Fog and Mavic Failure.....

  16. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    First Snow this Winter here...

  17. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    Because of Wind and Snow and rain, here something from last week....

  18. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    Best of my Drone-Shots in 2016

    Das Beste aus meinen Aufnahmen 2016..

  19. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    I got this Test from a Friend, he had problems with the Mavic in cold conditions too.
    Now he tried to keep the Mavic cold and the Battery warm. Then there was now Jellow or Wobbeling Effect.

    Ich hab das hier von einem Freund, der auch das Jello-Effekt Problem mit der Mavic hatte. Er hat die mavic draußen auskühlen lassen und den Akku warm gehalten. Dann war fliegen ohne Störung möglich.

  20. Savercop

    Savercop Member

    And again a little test with the Cinematic and the Tripod Mode
    Und nochmal ein Test des Cinematic und des Tripod Modes..


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