Differential Tilt rotor build with EDF (it will crash fast)

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    Going to post my build plans, and some of the revisions soon, but basically I got a crappy off the shelf tilt rotor frame and was originally going to just make it usable, but with my new 3D printer and some wish to go fast I'm doing a tilt rotor with differential tilt and an EDF strapped to the top.

    My current problem (pun not intended ) now is with introducing the 64mm EDF the current draw of that and my Emax red bottoms (might upgrade to the new emax motors later). Looking into using a 1800mAh Bonka with a 80C/160C discharge rate. This gives me 144 amps for continuous (which is fine if I'm not pushing the system) and a 288amp burst rating.

    Just kinda doing this build on a whim, so it is pretty disorganized right now.

    Will post more.

    Any battery suggestions or preferences?

    Decided to either go with two independent batteries, or a parallel system as it is more versatile and cheaper.

    Attached is a design for the frame's landing gear, a mount for a gopro, and a mount for the EDF.

    here is the belt driven design

    Tilt Mechinism.JPG
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    :rolleyes: ... Keep us posted on your progress !
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    This is very interesting !

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