Diatone Fury F3 board

Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by woodystyle777, Jan 11, 2018.

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    I'm trying to figure out how to wire a regular 5V vtx up to Diatone Tyrant S that has a Diatone FuryF3 FC. The VTX is a DYS MI200. The original Diatone VTX is not required to only have 5V like this DYS is, and it was also installed and powered through a jt plug that sent VCC power to it. My camera is getting power from the FC.

    I wanted to know if I could just solder the new DYS power to one of my random 5V pads, and still use the same GRD and Video In from the original JT plug.

    I'm concerned because one of the betaflight F3 boards that Josh Bardwell reviewed he said something about you can use either side but not both. Sorry it confused me a little.

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    Which version have you got 1-3 ?
    Dont know if this will be helpful

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