Custom Legs for Cheerson CX-20

Discussion in 'Frame Design' started by bbodnyk, Sep 1, 2015.

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    While I've only had my CX-20 a short while I did manage to crack one of the stock legs. I've replaced them with my own 3d printed legs that should never break! Printed on a Mark One 3d printer in nylon, the legs also incorporate fiberglass for strength. The cross piece is reinforced with Kevlar and is intended to function as a shock absorber and lessen the strain on the embedded fasteners that attach the legs to the body.

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    You cursed them now. :)
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    The design is pretty simple, yet impressive at the same time. Can you post plans and maybe specs (weight and size) here somewhere?

    Haha yes, now something odd will happen and they'll break xD. I said the same thing about a frame I built and it looked like it got ran over a few times with a lawnmower in a freak crash I had xD
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    Attached are pdfs of drawings of the two parts making up the landing gear. I tried to attach the stl files but couldn't.

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    The attached photo shows my latest modification of my Cheerson cx-20 landing gear. Previously the legs were attached directly to the body which was not good because the force of a hard landing would then be transferred to the attachment points on the body causing the body to break. My solution was to fasten the legs to a stiff plate and attach the entire unit to the body. Now the force of any hard impact will be transferred to the plate which because of the embedded Kevlar fiber will bend slightly but not break. In addition, the landing gear assembly is not fastened rigidly to the body but is spring loaded allowing about 2 1/2mm of movement between the body and the plate which further acts as a shock adsorb-er to remove any stresses to the body. The plate also provides an attachment point for my diy camera gimble.

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    At the time in my neighborhood the ice cream truck guy sold them 1 for $1.

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