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Discussion in 'Experimentation' started by Proxxii, May 27, 2016.

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    I think it would be super awesome to be able to teach someone how to fly without putting them 100% in control. Especially if its flying Acro.

    Does anyone think this setup would work? xD

    maybe set only aux1-4 on the beginners transmitter and the master transmitter could have a servo that can enable or disable the second transmitter. Copilot Experiment.JPG
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    You'd be better to use a ground station that did everything required before sending the signal out to the Rx. If you tried to do it using a simple bus like the picture describes it is likely that your PWM out would be either unreadable, or misread as an incorrect value. You could use an Arduino to allow the Pilot, and copilot to do different task. Or use the trainer port on a radio that would support what what you want to do, but some only work for sims.

    Let's say you did different modes of control based on a 4 position switch or something:

    Mode 1: So for example mode 1 the teacher could take complete control by flipping a switch
    Mode 2: Teacher can take complete control, or control of that channel by just moving the sticks of his transmitter
    Mode 3: Take the sum of the Teacher and student's control, so if you wanted to add throttle to what the student is inputting your input would be added, or subtracted if you wished for less and inputted a negative value
    Mode 4: Teacher controls the quadcopter, student controls a gimbal

    All of this mixing or buffering would be handled before the signal were transmitted, though you could have two receivers and the Arduino on the quadcopter to accomplish the same thing, with perhaps reduced range due to the two transmitters.

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    Most radios have a trainer port (PPM out) to handle the task.

    One example.

    Many like FS-i6 use a different connector.

    There are many wiring diagrams out there to match things up.
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