Contixo F10 Plus: Big 'ol Spider Looking Quad

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    I tried to be thorough with the review and cover everything which is why the video is so long. Here's a breakdown of the video if don't want to watch the whole thing. Otherwise, grab a coffee and click play.

    Un-boxing / Overview: 0:00 - 7:31
    Flight test preview: 7:31 - 14:10
    Actual flight test: 23:43 - ending

    When I first picked up the Contixo F10 Plus it felt like it was solidly made. It's not heavy, but does have some heft to it due to the large motors and overall size. It's similar to the Tarantula X6, but it has some unique features. As you can see in the video, with the prop guards installed, this thing has quite the wingspan. You definitely won't have any trouble tracking it in the sky. The materials used make this seem more premium than your average toy-grade quadcopter. I did break one of the prop guards in a later flight though, but it protected the props like its supposed to. It has all of the standard features as well as altitude hold and wifi FPV. A 4GB sd card and USB reader comes included and you can record and save video and picture to your phone or to the SD card. The transmitter setup is a little different from some other quads, but easy to get used to. I really like the styling on this quad and it also flies great.

    In the low rate, the F10+ is fairly docile and does not pitch much which is good for capturing steady video footage. In the high rate you get greater pitch and speed. It's not super fast, but for this size quadcopter it is fast enough. Altitude hold works well, but in the high rate you will need to manage the pitch as it will drop in altitude when you're full pitch forward. This is best flown in a wide open area as the turning radius is a bit wide. I was getting about 7-minutes flight time in sub-40 degree weather, so should be even longer in the spring in summer.

    -You can turn altitude hold on and off
    -Sturdy landing gear
    -720p camera can be tilted
    -Can carry a GoPro Hero
    -Flies slow and docile to capture video and pictures but also picks up speed in the high rate
    -Headless mode actually works really well
    -Nice flips
    -Video feed is clear and steady
    -Comes ready to fly and ready to record, take pictures, save to your phone or upload to your computer
    -Looks like a cool spider with bright green eyes

    -Video quality is meh

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