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Discussion in 'Safety & Regulation' started by pdmike, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. pdmike

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    The Pasadena (CA) city hall is one of the most photogenic buildings I have ever seen. I intend to use my quad to fly around it and take various video/photo views.

    There is a large, open space (concrete for parking on the edge and events in the middle) in front of city hall. There is plenty of room to launch a quad and fly it in this area alone. Close nearby is the Pasadena police department. I think you may sense where this is going ....

    As far as I can see or tell, there is nothing illegal about flying a quad in this area, provided it is done when there are no groups of people around. I would do it on a Sunday when there are not many people around. But I am concerned about the Pasadena P.D. I have seen a number of videos on YouTube involving quad flyers doing nothing illegal, but still being rousted by police officers who are unfamiliar with the rules for quad flying and who "just don't know about all this."

    I don't necessarily want to check in with Pasadena P.D. before flying because I'm pretty sure they will say no, even though there isn't anything illegal about doing it. Then I would be screwed. More better, I think, to just do it and deal with the cops if (or when) they show up. I realize that if they kick me out, I'm kicked out - even though they would have no grounds to do it.

    Any thoughts on the best way to handle this? Things to say to the cops when they show up? IS there anything illegal about what I am proposing to do?
  2. KentA

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    Ask them exactly which law they think you are breaking.
  3. ArmyVet

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    Well it is definitely a great looking building architecturally.

    Google has dozens of pictures and YouTube had this:

    So you have to ask yourself................Can I do better? And at what cost?
    I am not one to shy away from conflict (in person is more fun). But, I can almost guarantee you, you will be talking to the police. Unfortunately. In this day and age. Everything is questionable. Especially a "drone" flying above a public building. If you are certain of the legalities and illegalities. Go for it!

    Good Luck and have fun!

  4. KentA

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    Avoid the word "drone". It tends to imply a suspicious endeavor. You have a camera platform that rises above the ground.
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  5. pdmike

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    Yes, you will notice that, in the opening post to this thread, I refer to it as a "quad" a number of times. I have already learned that it is not a drone. It's a quad. But thanks for the thought - I can see where it would be especially important when dealing with a cop.
  6. pdmike

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    See what I mean (referring to the pic you posted) - I work in the building next door to City Hall and see it every day. I always enjoy just looking at it.

    I know that a quad flying around a public building is going to bring the cops. They will think I am a terrorist, reconning the building so I can blow it up. In point of fact, I am an L.A. County Deputy Public Defender who works in the Pasadena courthouse (next to City Hall) and I will probably know the cop who shows up. But if I don't, I will haul out my pub. def. I.D. and tell him I'm not a terrorist. I think I will say something like: "I am not a crook. I am not a racist. I am a stable genius. And, above all, I am not a terrorist!" That should do it, hey? ;):):eek:

    I have read the rules and regs regarding quad flying and don't see anything in there that would prohibit taking a video of a beautiful building like this, even if it is a city hall. I'm going for it! But first, I have to get my flying/photography skills honed a bit. I feel confident flying my quad now, but have a few rough edges to smooth out.

    BTW - in the photo you posted of the front view of City Hall, you can see a portion of the wide open space in front of the building that I mentioned in the OP to this thread.

    I viewed the YouTube video. Pretty nice - I probably couldn't do any better, but I still want to try. Notice that their video was taken very early in the morning, when no one would be around and all the cops are in donut shops.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.
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  7. KentA

    KentA Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure you can do better just by using the X-Star's "orbit function".
  8. pdmike

    pdmike Extremely Popular Member

    That's where the quad stays at the same height and circles the object, right? And then flies into an extra-tall pole on the other side of the building that you can't see when you start it into orbit, right?:(
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  9. ArmyVet

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    Now you tell me. ;)

    You have connections! You could probably fly right through the front door.:D

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