Chinese Company Making Fraud Trading DJI Mavic Pro

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    I would like to report this situation.
    My name is Miguel and the reason of this email is because the company is making fraud by trading DJI Mavic Pro product, I have been cheated from them when I bought this product ( DJI Mavic Pro ) the company name is :
    is the same company under another name.
    The procedure of one person from your company is :
    1. You receive a email from => with this reference, “ Re: Original DJI Mavic Pro Only NEED 619USD/PCS, do you like to try some? “
    2. I payed the product by Wester Union, to the details They gave me ( attached in this email all the conversation between me and this company )
    3. They didn’t send me the tracking number and after be waiting one week they say I have to pay 429 $ more cos the product is detained by custom. I told them I don’t pay any more money cos they didn’t guarantee to send me the shipment, and They didn’t send me any more emails or tracking number.
    In this email you can see all the conversation between us and prove everything what I say is true.
    The person receive the money and all the details is down in this email.
    Pretty disappoint obviously cos I saved the money for a while to buy this amazing product ( I can’t afford to pay too much money and I was looking for the best way to buy the product ) and they cheated me. Just what I can do at the moment is report yours what this company are doing, Its not good for the imagine of DJI Mavic Pro company cos they are cheating trading your product.
    Any advise how I could proceed ? or if I can do something ?
    In this email down coming all the info about this fraud.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Contact details is case someone could help me is :

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