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  1. I bought this kit from Amazon (not faulting Amazon)

    The battery in this kit is an FMT 3s LiPO. The + (red ) and - (black) wires were reversed INSIDE the battery! The connector was right because the Red wire went to the + terminal and the Black went to the - terminal. This is dangerous.

    The 4-pin balance connector was wired correctly and that was used to do the initial charge.

    When I first plugged it into the bottom plate of the drone via the Power Module, it smoked the module instantly. It also burned open the + connections between the plate input and the 4 ESC's.

    I reversed the wiring on the battery as you can see in the picture. I soldered an external jumper wire over the burned (internal) plate etch and ordered a new ordered a new power module.

    I do not know yet if the ESC's were damaged.

    Moral of the story, when you buy a battery, it would be wise to check the polarity of the battery.[​IMG]
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    Wow what a drag. Did you give Amazon a shout? I can't see your pic but you may be able to use it as proof. You may as well get an inexpensive 4 button LiPo charger, it would have caught the reversed wiring.
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    dragger201 If it ain't broke, don't fix it??? You kidding?

    Small or large..........I always do.
  4. I would normally charge these batteries with my lipo charger, but I figured I would check out the little charger that came with it. Since the 4-pin connector was wired correctly, it didn't know anything was wrong. Like dragger201, I will be checking new batteries in the future.

    I am certain Amazon would replace this kit if I asked, but it's not worth the trouble. I already have the thing built up so I will just take care of it myself. The only cost to me is the power module, $7 on ebay. I did put a motor on one of the ESC's and somehow, it is working. Looks like 4 ESC's simply overpowered the plate's etch. :)
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    Wow! I have never checked my batteries before. I will be now! I'm just running on the very edge of a small budget for my toys now, couldn't take a hit like that!
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