Can a $20 camera take good video?

Discussion in 'Flight Videos' started by Dugdog47, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Dugdog47

    Dugdog47 Well-Known Member

    Well at least if you smash it to pieces you won't cry too hard lol:
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  2. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    UFO sighting at 1:25
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  3. Dugdog47

    Dugdog47 Well-Known Member

    Saw that I just though someone was throwing a disc somewhere nearby lol
  4. Torc the Sinister

    Torc the Sinister Finally in the ranks of the brushless!

    A great video I just watched on the subject.

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  5. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Hawkeye Firefly makes many nice cameras.
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  6. natnatroswell22

    natnatroswell22 Well-Known Member

    That's a nice footage for a $20 camera.
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  7. mdm

    mdm Active Member

    It's not a UFO. It's a unidentified Stationary object. It shows up in the same spot every time the camera fov passes by the sun. Massive sunspot? Black hole slowly eating our sun?
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