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Discussion in 'GearBest' started by BobD, Jul 23, 2018.

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    Just wanted to warn anyone contemplating buying from GearBest my experience with them and my lack of support after the sale. I ordered a Hubsan H501ss from them on 6-15-18. I received the order on about 6-22-18. After about a week of flying, my FPV began to develop horizontal static lines, and would flash on and off while flying. Nothing else effected. Video recorded on drone was fine and visual control of drone was fine. Was not local interference as this happens at several flying sites. I contacted GearBest and this is where the run around began. After a back and forth barrage of send us numbers on shipping label, send us detailed description of problem, send us video of problem, and send us description of what I have done. I did everything they requested and was then told they were conferring with technical support. After several days I received a response that since I had used the drone for more than seven days, it was out of warranty and they would credit me $25 to purchase a new drone. I told them I would begin posting on review sites and forums describing my experience with them. I have been posting on many sites and after many back and forth communications with them, they now are offering me a refund or replacement. Unfortunately, I have found on other forums and review sites that other customers with similar problems with a product from them have been promised the same solution and have received nothing after returning the item. The drone still flies so I at least I have something. Buyer Beware!

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