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Discussion in 'Mini Quads & Racing' started by Dallen, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Dallen

    Dallen UtahRCGuy

    Hey guys!
    Looking to build a miniquad. I know how to build one, ive built a 450 previously. Could someone just point me in the right direction with some quality but budget components? I have a receiver and goggles already. and can take the camera/transmitter off my 450 if necessary.
  2. Layho75

    Layho75 First in, Last out

    What size frame are you thinking about?

    As for the PDB I would recommend RedRotor OSD Pro PDB. (really easy to set up, no MWOSD GUI needed)
    For $35.00 and OSD is included. It also has the 5v for most FC boards.

    $35.00 Camera standard is HS1177 (2.8mm/IR block (sunny days) or IR sensitive (Parking Garage)/top connector)

    $27.00 I hear good things about x-racer F303 FC. But I don't think it can do pass thru for BLheli ESCs.

    $11.00 each DYS XM Seris XM20A BLHeli for ESCs

    Motors depends on your KV you want.

    Hope this at least points in a direction.

    You can find cheaper components however if you have to buy two or three before you get a "good working" item it is just not worth it.
  3. tylorwashere

    tylorwashere Well-Known Member

    A lot of people are really into the naze32 fc, but I have no issues with my cc3d, and libre pilot is pretty great in my opinion.

    For motors either 2204 or 1806, somewhere around 2300kv. I'm using multistar elite 2204 2300kv motors, no complaints.

    As far as esc's go, I'm using afro 12a, and they are relatively cheap (about 10 bucks a piece). Once again no issues with them.

    As for what layho said above about the pdb, it isn't really necessary for a mini quad, it will mostly just take up more of the space that you barely have to begin with. Any zmr style frame will have a gap between the two bottom plates where you can easily run a wire harness
  4. SinisterWeasel

    SinisterWeasel New Member

    For ESCs many people go with Littlebees, in side-by-side comparisons they are generally on-par and sometimes ahead of KISS but at 1/4 of the price. I use 20A for my 5" 2204 (2300kv) cobra setup and have 30A for a 6" 2206 (2100kv) quads. They aren't the absolute cheapest and I only know the price in the UK but I expect they would be about $15 for 20A.

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