Building a 130mm FPV quad with Naze32 and FrSky receiver

Discussion in 'Tiny Whoops & Other Micro Quads' started by Al Johnson, Jan 10, 2017.

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    I decided to build a new 130mm Micro quad. I ordered the frame, Micro Naze32 FC, Micro FrSky 8ch receiver, 4 Racestar 8.5x20 motors and a camera/VTX from Banggood. I wanted to build a 110mm but the frame was back ordered so I went with the 130mm. I'm building it instead of buying a BNF so I can use the components I want, besides I like to build. I already got the receiver, FC and camera because they came from the US, I'm still waiting for the rest. That stuff sat in China since the 29th and just got to NY yesterday. It should be a fun build other than the fact the wires that go to the receiver and FC are about the size of a pubic hair and my old eyes are going to have a hard time. It should be nice when it's done. Here is a picture of what I have so far.

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    Good Luck.
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    Well today I got the rest of the parts for my 130mm micro. I finished up the QX90 motor swap tonight so the maiden with the new motors will be tomorrow. I got a little better with soldering these pubic hair size wires while doing my QX90 so I have more confidence in my soldering ability now, we'll see. I'll be sure to video the build, I don't know why I didn't video the motor swap, senior moments I guess, they seem to show up more often and they last longer too.

    Anyway, enough for the foreplay, here are a few pictures of the parts for the build.


    Here is a picture of the chassis, I was impressed with the way they packed it in a nice box.


    It even came with instructions.

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    Hows the new build coming?

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