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Discussion in 'First Build' started by yay, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    sorry, just kidding only having teh funny.

    the moment i start to care about something someone says on the internet is a moment i never get baaaa
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    This is much better than Facebook or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick
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  3. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    the thing about tucson is,

    well, one of the things,

    eg. for example, say some aztec tribe or something didn't go away when walmart opened.

    they're still here, they still have their own laws, and their own enforcement. any experienced officer in tucson knows,

    if you locked up all of these people, there would be like, two people left in tucson.

    so you do what you can. coexist. walk it every day, a fine fine line.

    back when la familia michoacan was in operation (before los caballeros templarios) every major intersection in tucson in this part of town had a white suburban parked on one of the corners with a cross sign on it somewhere. say i "peeve" one of these guys off, just some dude anywhere. say, because i have a fantastic accent. they make a call, 30 seconds later, one of these tanks (no windows) is going to roll by, with some big guys in it.

    i've been inside their houses. no furniture.

    there are like three "mattress" stores (all the same store, i've just conveniently forgotten the name) on the same intersection here (probably for me!) and this is *not the only intersection in tucson where there are three of these same stores*

    i remember, decades ago, i produced a rap album for a guy. he took me on a trip to one of these places and "bought a couch" - i know he didn;t have tha tkind of money, and no couch ever showed up. just part of his "family responsibilities".

    after he bought the couch, we went outside to the store guy's car, he showed dude 'his new ak47' in the trunk.

    it would take years for me to figure out what i experienced - "don't f around dude we're everywhere"

    this is my daily life. well, "life". coexistence.

    now. i have to deal with that every day.

    i know, how each moment of life in social venues is f*ing stressful, and "paranoid". i don't know, if some three year old kid is just some three year old kid or has a gun.

    go to LAX airport sometime, you can see three year olds scoping out peoples bags and calling their familia on the cell phone.

    that's stress. and that's every single day. and when you live like that, some people trying to enforce some cookie cutter law, is real low on the list of concerns.

    ....and i'll add....

    these people aren't much to worry about in comparison to the totally straight laced cookie cutter dude who is so normal and boring it makes you sick. because that guy uses normalcy as a cover to conceal being some satanic archpriest and he's the guy who will do the most evil sick malicious prolonged stupidly idiotic torture you don't even want to know about and it's so retarded you wouldn't even believe it if you heard about it. it's better when people don't believe it could possibly happen.

    things you don't want to know.
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  4. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    i was driving through phoenix, arizona once (that's a funny story but no) and turned onto indian school road.

    on the right side of the road was a line of gentlemen, i don't know, forty if i had to approximate? i wasn't trying to count. and their vehicles parked behind them.

    there were basically two "types" of sirs present, very muscly men who i'd say tended to be not young, more 30-40, and older men who generally dressed like cowboys - discretised from the "soldier" group. jeans, checkered long sleeve shirts (better for life in sun) cowboy hats. some of them had a hand in front of their mouth, fingers curled like a relaxed fist. i've seen apache ceremonies where i was told this is to keep evil spirits out of the words.

    there was, as you may have anticipated, a similar line of persons on the other side of the street. and they were all just standing there, facing the other side. no one moving or speaking, no action.

    it occurs to me that these people would certainly find uses for drones, and i've pretty much managed to prevent myself from thinking much about it.

    but there was no police presence. i've seen this before, in tucson, where police show up, and just one guy is standing there, and gives whatever minimum of communication is appropriate, and the cops turn around and leave no matter what is going on otherwise. that's just keeping people alive. and it's trivial in comparison to other things that happen in this human culture.

    i try to communicate about this because it's good to spend time in productive ways focusing on yourself and consenting people you care about. trying to get a person to shape up on the internet is comparatively ..unconcerned with the actualities of each individuals personal experience. we can divorce this with abstraction but it is existant.

    aamof i've had quite a lot of people who have taken it upon themselves to do this to me based only on my words on the internet, eg. sending me pictures of my mother's house recently, six months after i ceased to use the internet forum. i have no need to talk about other things i have experienced, it should be easy to rationalise a possibility that such an action may not have the effect it was intended to. some people want to think they can know someone on the internet.
  5. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    What I find amazing is that nothing moz says he did was even a bit unlawful, as far as I can tell. We may have completely different understandings, but I thought he said he said he was flying in a premittied place in a reasonable manner at a permissable altitude when a private pilot began flying in a place he was not supposed to be and was jeopardizing his ticket by being there. After multiple passes, each of which resulted in the quad pilot getting out of the airspace the pilot was probably prohibited by law from being in, he decided to stay in that airspace. The pilot reacted by vacating the airspace he wasn't supposed to be in in the first place.

    Risky? Yes. Would I have done it? Probably not. Unlawful? Not as far as I can see.
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  6. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rick. Someone with common sense.
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  7. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    My quad probably cost more than the flying rust bucket. I wasn't quite on a fairway but I moved right off thinking he may need to land or something judging by the sound. I was just about to quit the site when the last glimmer of hope in Rick pulled me back.
  8. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    Like I said, have it your way. I'm just sitting back and watching as you complain about regulations and your rights being trampled upon. As for "the flying rust bucket", that's neither here nor there. In so far as cops, we just enforce the rules. YOU, are the ones who voted for the guys that made the rules that you don't like being enforced....
  9. yay

    yay Well-Known Member

    as an epistemological solipsist, and afficionado of the dao de ching ("knife of changes" ??) and similar expressions of uncertainty in rationalisation, i figure we can throw a hawai'ian shaka hand sign and call it a day. one of the things in life, is that human beings are real instances of things. abstractions derived from groups of individuals are otoh abstractions and are not existant. i'd hate to treat a human being with terms appropriate for an abstraction.

    everyone's had a go. let's get back to the original topic.

    back in teh 1980's FASA cooked up a tabletop miniatures game about giant robot fights. they were kind of like fancy tanks that could jump, not fly like cartoons, and you built your squad by selecting components by tonnage and spend a couple of hours rolling dice with your mates.

    frames were 20 to 100 tons, and eg. the engine you installed determined how many places the miniature could move each turn. analysing the availability of motors, it turned out the 45 ton frame was the most optimal for a fast engine. you could throw a 7/11 walk/run engine and have the most tons left over for armor, weapons and stuf. maybe pork rinds.

    of course the diaspora of manufacturers for drone components inhibits this kind of analysis because you're never going to know how efficient each motor is until you own one, or your really honest mate owns one.

    but that's my perspective on this. my application for a drone isn't racing but a motile platform, maybe just a camera, but i can see myself creating other applications, so a frame that has space to attach something (i don't know yet!) even very light is good. eventually i'll build ones with microcontrollers so i can add motors for things that don't involve flight.

    and i expect, since i'm not interested in payloads of any significant mass (a few foot of string with a hook on the end, stuff like that) that the most efficient build for motility and flight time is toward the lighter end of the spectrum. in thirty years of various simulations and practices, it is my opinion that a fast, mobile, small platform *always* has superiority against a heavy platform, unless the heavy platform is carrying something that just cannot miss.

    (and yes.. i don't have martial applications, but - though i don't keep a lot of tabs on what the rest of the world is up to, i think drone vs. drone destruction would be loads of fun with the right, mellow, people)

    this is why i'm looking at eg. 11xx motors. i love the guys who can fabricate stuff out of a drinking straw and a biro, not the $500 component that looks all shiny. you can also see why i'm so interested in putting the smallest motors i can on a larger frame.. :) so i can tie stuff to it and adapt it.

    my POV
  10. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    The flying rust bucket is neither here nor there. How do you get to that. Oh your a cop. Selective hearing. Who was complaining about regulations. Not me. But it sound like you would not even take my story into consideration. You would just book on something else. Clearly getting nowhere even when law is in my favour. I'm just a stupid quad flyer the guy in the plane couldn't do no wrong just because he owns a plane. Deputy dawg I'm in an alloted space but somehow I still in the wrong. You didn't answer what would you have done chuck.
  11. Luna Prey

    Luna Prey Member

    I like you yay. You say it like it is. You sound like a Vietnam vet. Also your low tolerance for frustration betrays your older age :p

    I do a bit of web development too! PHP is my favorite but I look forward to soon developing software for drones... as soon as I can get my first build off the ground... dumb transmitter/receiver problems (see other thread).

    Anyway, FIGHT THE POWER cops suck
  12. Luna Prey

    Luna Prey Member

  13. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    Okay. Who didn't take his meds today???
  14. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

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  15. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    There is nothing wrong a 130 @ $379
    I think he means the power.
    It's a bit small for orientation @ a distance & he could try a 3s on it first.
    I flew & bought a few 3s before I got a 4s,
    And it was faster & more manoeuvreble.
    But a few minutes I was OK.
    I would suggest something cheaper.
    I just got all new parts for a 130 for £110 just waiting on the vtx03. if you got Money to burn go for it. But nothing like building your own bird.
  16. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    That was kinda my point, Moz. I wasn't quibbling about the price. ;)

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