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  1. kookoocachoo

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    I have a flysky fs-t6 transmitter and am looking to build a tiny whoop. I found that the
    Eachine Beecore F3_EVO_brushed ACRO Flight Control Board
    Can bind to flysky transmitters. But upon further inspection, it only says that it supports the flysky FS-I6 transmitter, but nothing of the fs-t6. Is there a way to tell it will work besides buying it? Is there any tinywhoop board that supports the flysky fs-t6?
  2. Al Johnson

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    Hey KooKoo, I'm not going to say for sure but I would think it would bind with the t6 if it will bind with the I6. They both use FlySky’s AFHDS (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System) so given that they both use the same protocol they should both be compatible. To be sure I would check with the vendor of the FCB or maybe even Hobbypartz and ask them since they sell FlySky radios.

    I checked a little further and Banggood has this Receiver/FCB that is compatible with the t6, scroll to the questions and answers at the bottom, one of them answers you're question.

    Hope this was a help, good luck.
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  3. kookoocachoo

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    After scrolling through countless reviews I found a few people had done it with no problem. Thank you very much. Especially for explaining what AFHDS means lol.

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