BETAFLIGHT F3 flight controller Just OSD and NO picture on FPV

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    Just got my ned BETAFLIGHT F3 flight controller an soldered it up last night and everything is working great exept the FPV.

    It looks like the OSD is replacing the video image completly, because some times the video suddenly apears and wanish again. I have checked all my soldering points for loos connection but they are solid. Tested another camera and it is the same problem.

    I dont use the 5v pover to the camera because it has battery, but tryed to connect it just to se if it made any difference, but no.

    mesured the solderingpoints with a multimeter, they are on theis place

    The grounding from VTX and FPV CAM is soldered together

    Does anyone have a clue or what to try next ?


    -Runcam 3
    -Skyzone TS5823S 40CH 5.8G 200mW
    -Flysky 2.4G 6CH FS-iA6B Receiver PPM Output With iBus Port

    everything is connected after the userdrawing from Betaflight. see pictures.

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  2. Sciuruz

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    I know this question is kinda complicated so I'm asking a new and easier one to try to solve this :). Is it possiblew to direct conect the VIDEO IN and VIDEO OUT insted of going through the FC board? Or put a module that can make this work without the FC board? Se the blu line on the picture

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    Yes, you can simply bypass the FC and connect your video out from your camera to video in on your VTX, but you won't have OSD. Try that first and if everything works, we can try and figure out why the OSD isn't working properly. Just makes me wonder when you say it suddenly appears and vanishes that it's more of an interference issue rather than wiring. BUT one question, do you have OSD enabled in Betaflight configurator?
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  4. Sciuruz

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    Thanks for replying RENOV8R. I havent touched my drone since yesterday and now it works but not as a charm. After about 2-3 minutes of use things happens. 1. The OSD dissapears 2. The videoimage disappears 3. Then the OSD comes back on but no videopicture just black screen. An interesting observation bypassing the FC and connect to the VTX. The picture is there and so is the OSD. It might bee because the original cable is still connected to the VTX and the FC. See picture for bether explenation.

    But the main problem is not gone. Could it bee overheating or maby some interference as you mentioned but from what I don't know. worst a not working filter or something on the video out/in?
    It is the same components as i used on the other board but different brand.
    I double cheked and the OSD is enabled but it could have been something simple as that.

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