Best FPV Drone at lowest price?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dale Riley, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Dale Riley

    Dale Riley Member

    Hi, What would people recommend as a good a low budget FPV drone, if there is such a thing lol.

    I was looking at the Syma X8W but believe there is alot of lag?
  2. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    Take a look at the JJRC H8D and the Potensic F183DH. I believe they are the same machine, just branded differently. I just ordered one, but haven't received it yet so I can't recommend either way.
  3. GlassKnees

    GlassKnees Well-Known Member

    It's kind of hard to make any recommendation without any information. What kind of flying do you intend to do? Indoors? Outdoors? Do you just want a quad that has a single flight mode, or do you want more than one, such as "Return To Launch" (which requires GPS, etc). Do you want to simply fly FPV or do you want to shoot high resolution video? Do you wany to include Googles/monitor in the price? What kind of budget do you have?
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Why would that matter on that slow boat?
  5. christianprogrammer

    christianprogrammer Material Stuff just turns to ash

    Dude its NOT a cheap hobby GlassKnees was corect in his inquiry BUT....

    have you started reading about flight controllers frames ECSs power distribution boards flight controller configuration software
    or are you one of those buy it fly it guys.. if so you might wanna try a toy first, as they have come a long way. Walmart has FPV quad copters ...
    but if your in for real , you should be reading and reading and reading and learning about soldering and PCBs and all the details --just my 2 cents and what I am doing..

    I'll try to be nice here since thats the nature of forums and someone might be monitoring this, that can help ME with one of my questions in the future ( the reason I joined)

    I bought a Wizard from Banggood (china) and hope it is beyond my skill set. I will fly it line of sight LOS for months before I am ready to pop for a hundred dollar set of goggles .

    Simultaneously building from scratch a 3" screamer. Building while I have this Ready To Fly unit (RTF) will give me some ease in understanding the relationships of the software and the hardware. I of course bought a "TOY" quad to get accustomed to LOS before the real Quad from China based Bang Good arrives.

    It would suck to loose a $150 quad copter because of inexperience and stupidity. As well as potentially hurting someone. $$COST == Beyond comprehension! $$$

    Eventually perhaps a tiny whoop later I will invest in the 300- 500 dollars goggles (after the $100 dollar FPV goggle screen)
    and really get into the hobby of FPV.
    Lol are you still interested ? did you know that if ONE single upset citizen gets angry at you and your quad and calls the Law
    .. if your quad is not registered, you could be responsible for a very heavy fine?
    Is this hobby STILL interesting ?? The fine is multi thousands of dollars
    See FAA drone registration for info

    Good luck sorry to be the bane of reality but umm yea responsibility sucks .. Fly your quad out into traffic accidentally and make me crash my sport bike..
    if I survive after your A$$ kicking I will assuredly be suing, and suing and suing until I can live comfortably off of your indiscretion. :) Happy face !
  6. christianprogrammer

    christianprogrammer Material Stuff just turns to ash

    ^^^ I hope that wasn't too mean I tried to be helpful but all types of reality kicked in and well I am a crotchety old man...
    :) Happy face !
  7. Brifry

    Brifry Member

    Hello,why dont u try a hubsan x4 107d its perfect to learn on and when you wreck it(u will) its easy to fix and very durable can be found for 50.00. Comes with everything you need to start, might wanna grab a crash pack and some extra motors good luck!
  8. rosco11

    rosco11 Well-Known Member

    Hubsan x4 107d. less than 100 bucks. get the crash pack. will need the extra props and landing boots. tough little copter. crashed it into everything and it still flies. use the prop guard that comes with it. Will work with fatshark goggles too but has a screen on the transmitter if you are not ready to go that far with the cash yet. flies great. Fast.

    Do not buy the jjpro-t1. i did. taking it to the shooting range. That will be the most fun i have had with it since i bought it.

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