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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Neuner, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Neuner

    Neuner New Member

    Long time listener, first time caller... My 10 yr old son is wanting to get a quad and I'm trying to help him find one that would be good below $100.

    We've searched what we can, read reviews and watched a lot of videos. Currently we're considering the Hubsan H107D+ but not sure what is comparable out there. Was surprised to find it had Alt Hold in that price range and that the FPV was wide angle.

    Both him and I do not have too high of an expectation in that price range. At his age and because it's his first one, we don't want to put too much into it for now until he has more experience. We expect the FPV to be more of a gimmick, shaky and intermittent and that the Alt hold on this model has a fluctuation of about 3 feet in sway. He use to have an earlier helicopter but really struggled to learn how to hold his elevation with the stick so was hoping this might help him out till he's more comfortable?

    Thoughts on the H107D+ or comps?
  2. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Just grab this to learn on. A good way to get your feet wet and learn the ropes. Throttle control is always hard at first but eventually it will come.

    Banggood has the WiFi for version for only $30 from their USA warehouse.

    It has many nice features and is a steal at the price. All spare parts are available and it comes with spare props. The contrasting props will also help with orientation, which can be tough when you start out. Once you establish all the muscle memory involved you can look to move up.

    Here you can see how it flys.

    May as well get one for yourself too. :) You'll both be having fun and learn quicker by comparing notes.
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  3. Jeff Neese

    Jeff Neese Well-Known Member

    I'm going to recommend a Syma X11. You can fly it indoors to learn basic controls but is also very capable outside. For the small investment of about $25 he (and you) can get the basics of controlling and flying, and it's durable as all heck. I still buzz mine around the house on rainy days. I have no experience with the Eachine E33 that Jackson recommends but if he says that's a good one, I'm sure it is. Either way, forget about a camera until you learn to fly. After that, you'll want something better anyway and then there are lots of choices.

    I did have a Hubsan H107L and it was good, not great. It stopped working (bad board) and I didn't bother to replace it.
  4. Neuner

    Neuner New Member

    Well, wound up getting him the Hubsan H107D+. Thought I'd follow up. Searched again and just kept leaning towards the altitude hold feature. Got it for him for Christmas and so glad that I did. He's having a great time with it.

    We've only flown it indoors which was our original intent anyways. Too afraid of loosing it outside until we can get to a large open field.

    Cannot believe how well it holds in place after releasing controls. Perfectly calm and steady. Maybe moving horizontally a couple of inches but not at all with the alt hold. Just stays put. He had troubles with launch so it was nice for me to do the takeoff for him and then easily hand the controls over. He's had quite a few crashes and broken two props. Has held up really well but it's only been at a height of about 5-8 feet. FPV is pretty cool. Didn't expect too much in this arena but am pleasantly surprised since my expectations were low. LED lights really help him with direction and we like that they flash when the battery is low so we can land it.

    After watching it perform, my brother wants to get one for his son. Overall both of us are very happy but not sure why some of the negative reviews around.

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