Bayangtoys X16 - The BEST Budget GPS Brushless Quadcopter

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Gadget Inspector, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Gadget Inspector

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    Bottom line, I highly recommend this GPS quadcopter. For the price, I don't think you can do much better in a GPS camera quadcopter with brushless motors that can carry GoPro sized action cameras. So far, the Bayangtoys X16 is the best cheap GPS quadcopter with brushless motors that I have tested. I'm curious if anyone can come up with a better one in this price range.

    -Fast satellite lock-on
    -GPS positioning is very good
    -Return to Home accuracy is pretty darn good
    -Very powerful brushless motors (most noticeable when throttling up)
    -Ability to turn GPS off
    -Can carry GoPro style action cameras and is a fairly stable camera platform even at full pitch
    -Quiet operation

    -Relatively short flight time
    -Poorly written instructions manual
    -A little wobbly at times during flight
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  2. ArmyVet

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    Why does it use this:

    •Air Pressure Altitude Hold : This function provides you to set a height for to hover.

    When it has GPS?

    My GPS Quads hold altitude just fine without a barometer sensor.


  3. Gadget Inspector

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    You can actually turn the GPS off on this one. When GPS is off it uses the barometer for altitude hold. Why would you do this? Well, if you're in an area where you can't get a GPS lock, flying indoors, etc. Or, if you want to fly a bit faster.
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    Ok Great. Thanks

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  5. Black Ops

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    Question-would you recommend this as a "quick and dirty" commercial AP platform? mostly for real estate? You can get some off-brand 4k action cams dirt cheap these days..
  6. Gadget Inspector

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    I would say, maybe. You could rig up a decent 4k cam and set it to take shots at a set interval, that would take care of the lack of a way to initiate it from the controller. For real estate I don't imagine you needing to fly at high altitude so you could probably keep the quad pretty still for some decent photos and video. Obviously something with a stabilized gimbal would work better, but if you're on a budget this could work.
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    Awesome-I was thinking of getting a walkera gimbal(also dirt cheap) with the offbrand 4k cam-I'll give it a go. I just need something to start with until I can afford a mavic or P4 pro, my(current) Parrot won't cut it except for training. Thanks for responding :)

    Edit: hey Gadget inspector-I just found out about the bayangtoys x-21, see here: Ads&utm_campaign=RC_S_US_TT_BMZ&utm_content=2917 It's an upgraded x16-any way you can do a comparison of the two? thanks!
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