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Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by blue79, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. blue79

    blue79 Member

    Hi guys, I am obviously new in this wonderful hobby.
    I am wondering do you use recargable batteries for your controlers and does it affect the range or resposivness of drone when voltage is getting down on them.
    Also, the most of the rechargable AA batteries (in my country at least) have their voltage at 1.2 V.
    I presume that is not suitable for use in controlers.
    And one last thing, if possible, please provide a link to buy suitable ones.
    Thank you very much and sorry for probably stupid questions :)
  2. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    My fsi6 rakes AA, so I just bought 4 bog standard rechargeable duracell's they last me about 5hrs flight time. So yes normal or rechargeable are fine. You could mod it to take other Lipo's.
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  3. blue79

    blue79 Member

    Great, thank you very much.
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Moz was giving an example based on a hobby grade controller. Although it lists 4AAs @ 6V it will work fine till ~4.2V. Many toy grade controllers lack any regulation and NiMH's lower voltage can affect range. Some Syma guy a while back commented on his lower range with NiMHs.
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  5. blue79

    blue79 Member

    Yes, I am pretty sure I read that somewhere too that is why asked. I guess I will have to try for myself. The controlers I am talking about are for Syma X5 and Bugs 3...
  6. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    :rolleyes: ... Yeah, what Jackson said.
    Hobby grade controllers have additional circuitry that toy grade ones usually don't, so a toy without regulation may suffer range loss from low bats.
    Regulation maintains the same signal strength regardless of battery condition (until the low bat threshold is reached and the controller tells you it needs them replaced). The down side of this is that rechargeable bats (with their already lower voltages) often don't last quite as long as nonrechargeable bats before
    tripping the low bat threshold, but the fact that they can be recharged far outweighs that disadvantage imho. Also of note is a slight differences between
    rechargeable bat makers in their mAh ratings, e.g. Energizer AA is 2300, whereas Duracell AA is 2400 and obviously the higher that number the longer it will last ;) ... Personally, I run rechargeables in just about everything I use :p
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  7. blue79

    blue79 Member

    Thank you. I will give it a try on my Syma first, see how that goes :) Right now I am using a really cheap and crappy non rechargeable ones and the drone lags sometimes... even in close range. When I move the stick it is slow to respond, so I thought/hoped it might be because of batteries. Maybe it is wi fi interference or something enitrely else...
    Anyway I will give it a try with rechargable ones to see how she responds... :)
  8. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    just for giggles, make sure you don't have the Syma transmitter set to low power mode. If it is, the "signal power" icon (I believe it is near the top left) on the LCD display will be flashing. It should be steady in high power mode. The low power setting will give you terrible range.
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  9. blue79

    blue79 Member

    Thanks for the tip. I didn't even realize there were power modes for transmitter signal. Signal icon is steady so I guess it is in high mode.
    Now, just waiting for some nice weather :)
  10. blue79

    blue79 Member

    I flew a bit today. No range issues with 1.2 V batteries. I kept the quad low and close because it was quite windy, for Syma x5 at least :)
    Even grabbed a tree once because of the wind :)
    But she was responsive and with no delays in controls...
    Next time I hope testing batteries on bigger range...
  11. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    LOL, what 'range' test.
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  12. blue79

    blue79 Member

    :) well, I had a response delay even in this range before with crappy non rechergable batteries. So I guess it still is a "range" test :) :)
  13. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    Rifle Range? Badaboom
  14. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    Range test is half power then you walk 90 paces and you should still have control test by arm and disarm if it works then you have full range when in normal mode ( what s full range on a toy ?)

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