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    I am new to this stuff but have been having a good time flying my H107c in my basement. I have a question about batteries and their chargers. I am using 3.7v 380mAh 25C Li-Poly batteries for my quad. The charger I bought (cheap at $17) is a T453 3.7v RC Battery Charger. After using it to charge 4 to 6 batteries at a time about 10 times, some of the ports stopped working and I am getting inconsistently charged batteries.

    What are the attributes that I need to pay attention to when choosing batteries? Voltage? mAh?
    The 25C (what does that connote?). Of course size and dimensions are important. How do I ensure the right size?

    And once I decide on the set of batteries, what features do I look for in a charger? I want to charge more than one at a time.

    I'm willing to spend the money but don't want to buy batteries or a charger that will not support the H107c.

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you multiply the c rating to the amp hour rating you get the amps that your battery can output. mAh is milliamp hour, so if you divide 380 by 1,000 you get the Ah. Thats 0.380 Ah. now if you multiply that by 25(C) you get 9.5 amps. That's the max output when you fly your quad.

    now thats not too important for charging, it's just good to know, because some batteries specify the a C charging rate. If they don't, charge at 1 C. However, looking at your charger, It doesn't look like a smart charger, and getting one of those is a great idea. They will micromanage (read: take care of) your battery and you'll notice the lifespan of your batteries go up. As for batteries, I have no experience with your quadcopter, however, those batteries look good.

    TL;DR: Batteries are good, get a smart charger. And charge at the correct amps.

    Now I'll let someone more qualified take over, as this is where my experience ends.:D
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    If you think you are going to stay in the hobby and buy additional quads, I'd suggest spending the money to buy a hobby grade charger. I always recommend the SkyRC iMax B6 series, but there are lots of good ones. Read reviews and shop prices. After that your life revolves around getting the right connectors/adapters for any new quads and you use the same charger for everything.

    If I remember right the H107C has a 3.7v with a Micro Losi connector. If that's the case, you can connect the same inexpensive 5:1 that I use. You can see it at:

    The red end is a JST-RCY connector and is very common. The iMax B6 should include one. Connect that end to your charger, and you can charge 5 of those batteries in an hour.
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    I have a Mystery 4 button charger I bought many years ago ~$12, it has a little cooling fan. It boots up as SkyRC.

    One thing that is rarely mentioned is how nicely they charge NiMHs. Instead just blasting them for a set time, like most NiMh cheap chargers do, they have an adjustable Delta Peak setting. The old NiCDs didn't care about being overcharged, but the NiMHs do and their lifetime will be shortened.

    Easy enough to make a cradle. Just a 4AA battery case with a JST male plug.

    NimH charge Burst02.jpg
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    I copied the wrong link. See:

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