Bardwell's video on FPV and the FAA

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    Couple of Q's...

    If you operate FPV using a non approved VTX and you have a HAM radio license, does this mean you're legal? Or does this mean if you have a HAM radio license you should know better not to operate it and the law will come down on you harder...?

    If the former is true, does anyone out there have a HAM license for this reason?

    What exactly is 5.8GHz at 25-800mW affecting anyway?
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    "Legal" power restrictions are for the general population which, for the most part, have little idea what they're doing.
    A licensed HAM operator is legal when using a high powered device (like an 800 mW VTX).
    The presumption is that a licensed operator has the prerequisite knowledge to not cause harm with their actions in the
    use of any high powered devices. Higher powered devices can cause interference upon systems which typically interfere
    with us when we're using lower powers, such as (primarily) WiFi systems ;)
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