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  1. Hey guys!

    So, I've been trying to figure out my issue and I'm about to rip my hair out. I need help. Here's the situation. So I received a Chinese clone 250 kit as a gift ( The drone flew OKAY out of the box and I had some fun with it for awhile but I noticed that the signal was inconsistent and I was tired of it crashing because it would just lose contact with the transmitter. So I downloaded Librepilot and flashed the cc3d FC to the latest file. Since then, it's been chaos. I ended up forgoing the Flysky T-6 transmitter and replaced it with a Spektrum DXE with its matching receiver. Since the two receivers were labelled differently (channels vs throt/rudder/aileron/etc), I had to play the game where I would try all the different combos with manual calibration open in the GCS until I got them all working. That brings me to where I am now. The transmitter is talking to the FC and I can get it to arm and all that good stuff. The problem is that when I give even the SLIGHTEST throttle, the motors start to wind up and keep going until they reach max rpm, despite not moving the throttle. By holding the quad in my hand and rotating it, I've deduced that it's having stabilization issues because as I rotated it, the motors were compensating by speeding up/down. Now, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this. Here's screenshots of what's going on in Librepilot:

    I know it's a pain in the ass, but any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Oh yeah, looks like your channel min and maxes are all screwey. They need to be min 1000 and max 2000 with 1500 mid
  3. Thank you for the reply! I seem to be making progress. I changed the values and now it doesn't seem to be having the problem of spinning all the way up without moving the throttle as badly. Now, it seems as if the throttle curve is way off. Once the motors activate, they're going WAY too fast, like there's no way to just slowly kick them on like a normal throttle curve. For the record, I did do another ESC calibration after changing the slider settings.
  4. Jackson

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    That's the way it's supposed to act.
    Well try tweaking it.

  5. C'mon man. I'm mechanically inclined, I'm just hitting snags. I understand how stabilizers work. But when you're starting to lift a drone off the ground and it immediately flips backwards, that's not normal stabilization. And you honestly think I would post a picture of an adjustable throttle curve....and not try adjusting the throttle curve? Adjusting it does nothing.
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  7. Well, thanks for being a welcoming forum. I genuinely forgot internet cool guys existed.
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    Your welcome.
  9. You're ;)
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    Hi mate is the transmitter set to aero with no mixing
    Check to see it the FCB is seeing the throttle moving the right way and is not got inverted
    In the set up screen all channel inputs will be zero if not adjust the sub trims in the transmitter so they are zero
  11. I appreciate it but it's cool haha. I've been on "tinkering" forums from Volkswagens to ATVs for the past 10+ years, so I've got a thick skin. I understand being a bit dry but the condescending tone is just unnecessary and unwelcoming. I have no doubt of his knowledge whatsoever haha. Its just a frustrating build. I want to just go build a rig from scratch but this was a gift and I don't want it going to waste as a cannibalized quad, you know?
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    Fair enough ;) Youre always welcome here! Were all just trying to figure this out. Dont think for a minute that anyone has it all figured out, we just try to share what we know as individuals. So welcome to the mystery that is the quadcopter or as the media calls it... the drone!!!!!
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    Here's a setup guide by painless 360. Even if you've already done a setup, I'd suggest you go through it again exactly as he does. A lot of times it's just one minor detail that's missed and can make all the difference. If you want, you can skip the first 14 minutes which is wirind and installation, and go right to the Librepilot setup.
  14. Thank you for the advice but I did everything he did to a T and got nothing different. The disconnect happened right at the end for me. After he set the arm sequence and clicked save, he was able to just go out and hover right off the bat. I still have to go in and mess with the min/max values but I can't seem to make it so I get a progressive throttle instead of on/off as is seems now
  15. So to make things a bit clearer on your guys end, I uploaded a video of what my problem is: . Thank you all again for the help!

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