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Arfun pro 95 review and comparison

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by canino, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. canino

    canino Active Member

  2. Mehigh

    Mehigh Member

    I didn't expect that thing* to be so fast to be honest, I think it competes with Eachine's Lizard :p
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  3. canino

    canino Active Member

    I dont have one to compare, but this one could be even better. Its on 2s in video and can handle 3s. Plus the frame cuts through a breeze without any problems.
  4. giannak555

    giannak555 New Member

    Speed is just awesome, nothing to mention in comparison. I don`t think in 149$ anyone can find better than this. I am having DJI Phantom 4 its also awesome but there is much difference in price , its about $1400.
  5. canino

    canino Active Member

    You know i started the quadhobby to prepare for a phantom or similar aerial video drone. But these micros snagged me :)
    Plus i dont have the $$$ for a phantom, but thats a whole different story.

    And yes its a monster in its class. Only the arfun 90 can compete with it in my brushless micro fleet. I have the babyhawk, kk90gt, dys elf and jumper x73s.

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