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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by LeonTheProf, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. LeonTheProf

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    Greetings, i'm not new to RC (i own many rc cars) but i'm new in drones. I have a drone with f450 clone frame and naza m v2 controller. i have some issues and i believe that the esc is giving me troubles.

    My drone specs are:
    F450 clone frame
    naza m v2 controller
    hobbywing (or hibbyking) 4in1 esc
    1045 propellers
    sunnysky 2212 980kv motors
    storm32 gymbal
    i fly with 3s or 4s, mostly with 3s

    Anyway, i'm gonna buy the original dji f450 frame so i can solder the esc's direcly on the frame.
    But beeing noob i really don't know what esc's to buy. 30a? 40a? 50a? I see some options like opto or BEC but i dont really understand them :p :)

    So having that specs..what are the appropriate ecs to buy? what should i check first before i buy them?

    P.S. i really would like to buy ecs with the connectors built in cause i'm really bad at soldering :p
    Thanks a lot!
  2. mozquito1

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    Opto uses jus power in & 2 signal wires or signal & ground. BEC means they have a capacitor & supply 5v out to the fcb if needed or camera if its 5v.
    30amp esc should be ample lol for those motors. Some esc's are blheli which can be accessed through the pass through on the fcb. If they are simonk then they will have to be calibrated before you put them on the quad with a servo tester. They can be calibrated from then on using motors tab. So get blheli to save hassle.
  3. mozquito1

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    Bad @ soldering, rip an old TV or hifi apart & practice. It will save you money.
    & you won't be limited to what you can buy with bullets on.
  4. RENOV8R

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    Don't know of any ESCs that come with bullets anymore, just too unreliable and inefficient. Just a warning, Naza-M V2 does NOT play nice with BLHeli-S ESCs, something to do with different signal frequency btwn DJI and typical F3/F4 flight controller. Just about impossible to calibrate properly though. For this size build I use the T-Motor Flame 25A ESC, no bullets but it does have servo end on the signal/ground so that it'll plug directly into the motor ports of the Naza
  5. LeonTheProf

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    thanks a lot for the i'm getting somewhere!
    i can find these esc's in two greek sites (i'm greek)
    Does any of these makes a good option?

    (Sorry, cant link because i'm new member)

    1. HOBBYWING SkyWalker-40A
    1 Specification

    1.1 Output: Continuous 40A, Burst 55A up to 10 seconds.
    1.2 Input Voltage: 2-3S Lipo, 5-9 cells NiMH.
    1.3 BEC: 3A / 5V Linear mode BEC.
    1.4 Refresh rate of the throttle signal: 50Hz to 432Hz.
    1.5 Max Speed: 210000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35000rpm for 12 poles BLM.
    (BLM = BrushLess Motor)
    1.6 Size: 68mm*25mm*8mm.
    1.7 Weight: 39g.

    2 Features

    2.1 Safety arming feature: Regardless the throttle stick position, the motor will not spin after battery connected.
    2.2 Throttle calibration funtion: Throttle range can be calibrated to be compatible with different transmitters.
    2.3 User programmable.
    2.4 Multiple program methods supported: transmitter stick, LED Program Card. Very easy to program the ESC at home or at the flying field.
    2.5 Compatible with Lipo and NiMH battery.
    2.6 Timing can be changed to be suitable for different brushless motors.
    2.7 Full protection: Low voltage cutoff protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.

    2. Hobbywing X-Rotor ESC - 40amp (OPTO)
    The Hobbywing X-Rotor series ESC are a good quality multirotor speed controller. They have a broad range of programming features combined with a linear throttle curve.

    Our Hobbywing X-Rotor series controllers come with a 12-month warranty. These speed controllers are sold in western countries under various names at triple the price. We are certain you will find these to be amongst the best BESC available from Asia.

    User Programmable, both via the controller and optional programming card. The programming card is an excellent item saving you the hassle trying to use your transmitter. It instantly displays current settings and change settings are as easy as a few button clicks

    Cont Current: 40A
    Burst Current: 45A
    BEC Mode: No BEC (OPTO)
    Lipo Cells: 2s-6s
    NiMH : 5-12
    Weight: 27g

    Size: 32x24x10mm

    As i told you i allready have a storm32 gimbal in my curernt drone and i'm planning to add some fpv!
    Thanks for helping me out!
  6. RENOV8R

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  7. Jackson

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    You don't need 40A EScs.

    Sunn 72318_e6b39c83cb4eaf2d4498fe955ac4ff83.jpg
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  8. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    That's why I suggested the 25A Flames first
  9. mozquito1

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  10. LeonTheProf

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    i understand that is probably unnecessary to have esc with more amps your motors need, but is bad also?
  11. LeonTheProf

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    i found these from a greek site:
    This is the regulator i'm gonna need

    and some esc options

    i would probably go for hobbywing just because i know the brand, i dont know if dys brand is any good.
    If not 40a then hobbywing x-rotor 20a whould be a good choice?

    Sorry for making many questions, i just want to make the right decision this time.
  12. LeonTheProf

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    Anyone? Really need some help! :D
  13. RENOV8R

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    There is no harm in having ESCs rated higher than necessary. Think of it this way: If you had a water supply that delivers 100 cfm of flow, you could connect a tap that allows 100 cfm of flow. If you connect a tap that allows 200 cfm, the water would still come out the same. It's just that for the sake of size, weight and cost, there's no reason to go more than needed. Most most motors in the 2212 1000kv size pull a max of around 20 amps, so I'd go with 25 or 30 amp ESCs. I have a set of those Hobbywing 40A ESCs, they'll work very well with the Naza-M

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