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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Qwazert, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Qwazert

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    Hi again!
    About a year ago, I was part of this forum....with a new Syma X5 that flew away on me a week later.
    I'm back with another X5HW that I've already flown into several walls in the house!

    Over the past year, I've been "honing" my skills with some micro quads (available at know the type I'm talking about) as well as with a HolyStone HS170. Thought I was getting pretty good at it, until I revved up the X5!

    The first thing I need, is a manual for this X5HW that is in offense to the Chinese, but the translated version makes no sense in some critical areas.
    Hope to be part of this community a lot longer than the last pass....
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  3. Rick M

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    Welcome back!
  4. Qwazert

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    Thanks, to both of you!

    Can anyone interpret what is meant by Mode 1 and Mode 2 in this manual? From what I can see, the controls are exactly the this another name for high and low speeds?
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  5. Rick M

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    Mode 1 & Mode 2 are different translations of what the sticks do on the radio/transmitter. Unfortunately, what Syma calls Mode 1 is Mode 2 to the rest of the world and what they call Mode 2 is Mode 4 to the rest of the world. Stick with me here....

    In Syma's "Mode 1", left stick is throttle and yaw, and right stick is pitch and bank. This is what I would suggest you use, as it is by far the most common transmitter mode in North America. Again, for the rest of the RC world except Syma, this is officially Mode 2.

    In Syma's "Mode 2" (mode 4 to the rest of the world, and very uncommon), left stick is throttle and bank, and right stick is pitch and yaw.

    In Europe, the actual Mode 1 is more common. This places the throttle on the right stick. Syma transmitters don't have this option, anyway.

    Edited to add: High and low rates are different, and are on the left "shoulder" button on your Syma transmitter. One beep = low rate, two beeps = high rate.
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  6. stony99

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    *Some* of the drone manufactures use the term "mode" for two different things. First, some drone builders use "mode" one and two to describe which side of the transmitter or control unit has the throttle on it. Mode one refers to a right hand throttle, while mode two refers to a left hand throttle (more common in the USA). Then some manufacturers (Like Syma) uses "mode one and two" to differentiate between the "two speeds", and I use that term lightly (speed!). Mode 1 is most usually the slower speed, while mode 2 is what they call a faster speed. But in actuality, mode two just allows the quad to bank into a steeper angle, which makes it go faster. Some people mistakenly think the motors go faster or exert more force. They do not. I have a "Syma X5C clone" that actually has "three speeds". There is no display on the controller, but essentially I have modes one, two and three! Mode three is like a spastic psycho on crack! (No offense meant to any spastics, psychos, or crack users!)

    So "mode" can refer to your controller configuration or the speed of your quad. Confusing, I know. I believe my Walkera manual even uses the term "mode" for yet another function!
  7. Qwazert

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    When I re-re-read the manual, they have the pictures and descriptions in the same order as in Mode 1, so it looks as though they are the same...

    According to the manual, the left shoulder button is the headless mode....?
  8. mozquito1

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  9. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    The left shoulder button should control high and low rates when short-pressed. It toggles between normal and headless mode when long-pressed.
  10. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for 45 years

    :rolleyes: ... Very well explained Rick ... It's (still) confusing even to someone who already knows this (me) but you nailed it :p
  11. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    Thanks. No credit to Syma for their less-than-helpful documentation! And they still have undocumented Tx commands after all this time.
  12. Qwazert

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    ....OK, you've got my to share?
  13. Rick M

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    Hopefully this will copy coherently:

    Action Sequence
    Tx low/high power mode toggle Hold right stick vertical trim up, turn Tx power on, bind, flashing bars = LOW
    Mode change Hold right stick horizontal trim right, turn power on.
    Re-calibrate gyro's Hold both sticks down right
    Change base heading for headless Hold both sticks down left
    Zero trims Hold left stick horizontal trim left, turn power on - 3 beeps confirms

    Edit: This was copied from two columns: "action" and "sequence"
  14. stony99

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    Rick, what model Syma is that for?
  15. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    I believe all the X5 and X8 series. Also the X11. Haven't tried on other models.

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