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    Pretty much a newbie here but I have had a Hubsan x4 for awhile and can fly it "barely ok" around the house. I also recently got a DJI Mavic Pro. However, since the Mavic could be flown by someone using their toes I don't count that as much in the way of flying experience.

    After watching way too many DRL videos I'm pretty sure I want to get into FPV racing. I downloaded the DRL simulator on my computer and played around with it using an xbox controller for a couple weeks. Got to where I could make it through all the training courses - although the last one I've had a hard time where you have to fly tightly around a pole. I heard the xbox controller was pure crap for the simulator so I just bought myself a Taranis X9D plus to use with it. My thinking was buy the best controller I could afford since I could use it with anything RC I got in the future. The simulator is MUCH easier with the taranis although that pole still gives me issues.

    Anyway, I'm either wanting to purchase an ARTF or build my own quad. I checked out the excellent "How to build your own low cost racing drove" video in the newbie section. Pretty sure I'm capable of building one myself after watching it (I build high end watercooled computers and have soldering experience) but I've more research to do before embarking upon that.

    Anyway, going to do some more reading. If anyone wants to link me to some build threads that have a comprehensive parts list of stuff to buy I'd appreciate it.
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  2. RENOV8R

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    Welcome to the forum. Absolutely, do a build instead of getting an ARTF. You'll get a much better understanding of how your craft functions and it's more satisfying to say hey I built this myself. By reading your post, I've got a feeling that whatever you decide, it's not going to be a "low cost budget build" hahaha
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    Welcome! I almost bought a mavic, but not having a hdmi out is a deal breaker to me.

    There are many good folks here that are willing to help with any issues that you may run into. The racing quads are a different beast compared to dji craft, but you will get the hang of it in no time.
  4. robble

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    Aww man, my wife would probably agree with you. As I was watching the budget build video I was already wondering what parts would be best upgrade candidates. I learned a long time ago to get the best you can afford the first time to avoid spending more later to get what you finally really want. I was considering an ARTF Vortex 250 Pro but figured drones are probably like computers - cheaper to build a really good one yourself than to pay someone else to put it together for you. That's when I found this forum.

    The scariest part to me isn't putting together the hardware. It's all the tuning etc. that could be involved. I really have just a hair above no clue worth of knowledge on that. Even the menu of my Taranis is pretty intimidating.
  5. robble

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    A Nvidia shield tablet will solve the HDMI problem. However, since I didn't buy it for FPV that wasn't too big a deal for me. It serves it's purpose of an aerial camera pretty darn well. It's a bit too expensive and a lot too fragile to be a racer.

    I'm hoping a quality racing quad will actually be easier to control than the toy drones. The simulator is easier than my Hubsan. I don't have the mind of a teenager anymore that soaks up new hand/eye skills like a sponge. Now if they let me control it with a mouse and keyboard like a FPV video game I might kick butt at it right away!

    Glad to hear I can expect help on this board. I'm sure I'll need it at some point once all the boxes start arriving. Computers always have hiccups to work out when you build them. I'm sure drones are the same way.
  6. ringolong

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    I am computer builder too. I am running a hackintosh today :)

    I thought about the shield, but just cannot bring myself to buy an android tablet. I may change my mind.
  7. RENOV8R

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    Believe me, all the advanced tuning you read and see is basically guys who are performing at the highest level and looking for that extra 0.003 seconds per lap at the DRL nationals. There's a guy who posts a lot of insane videos on here and if you ask him about tuning, he'll tell you to start with default settings with the newest firmware and play with the PIDs until it feels right and that's about it.
  8. robble

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    I've been practicing and practicing on the DRL simulator. Finally something must have clicked. I went from only able to get 1 prop (complete it in over 320 seconds) on the gates and poles section to (after many hours of practice) 4 props tonight (under 120 seconds)! Fastest time so far - 109 seconds. Gotta get 60 seconds for 5 props. Basically, to do 60 seconds I think that means no crashes and no missed gates or poles.

    I finally got decent at going around that pole. Still no where near ready to fly through any of the actual race courses on the simulator. I do like racing around the streets of the city in the Gates of Hell map though.

    Anyone wanna tell me how close the simulator is to flying an actual race quad? I figure it must be pretty close since the DRL uses the simulator for tryouts.

    I also continue to do research on parts. RENOV8R - You are definitely correct about me not doing the budget build when I get around to it. Nor do I think I am going to go budget on the FPV section either. Probably will end up with Dominator V3 and this camera: or
    nothing on order yet so its notset in stone.
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