Almost ready to pull the trigger and buy my 2nd quad

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Artofacks1, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Artofacks1

    Artofacks1 Member

    For christmas my wife bought me a propel hd drone. I'm hooked and want another but this time i was looking at the Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racer.

    However, i like how I can hook up my phone and use wifi to use it to see what the propel is video recording. Wondering if I can do that with the Wizard or do I have to connect another camera and also add wifi to it?
  2. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Good choice.
  3. MrkThMn

    MrkThMn Member

    I'm pretty sure that right out of the box to record the video on the Wizard you have to throw something like a GoPro on it. The camera it comes with is just a standard cmos running to the transmitter so with out a GoPro on the front grabbing it's own video you would need some FPV goggles that will allow you to record off them. That video is gonna be FPV quality though. It's always a reality check for me when I'm watching some sweet HD footage on YouTube and then they switch to the PFV camera footage, haha. Can't wait until FPV quality is full clear HD. If someone else knows better than please correct me though!
  4. Artofacks1

    Artofacks1 Member

    Thanks man, I wouldn't mind adding a go pro camera to it if that is what it will take to see video on my phone.

  5. MrkThMn

    MrkThMn Member

    So what you just said made me read your question a different way. It looks like with the propel you fly it "line of sight" and it records while you fly it. Then when you land you watch that footage after the fact. Is that the case?

    With the wizard it's kind of the opposite. While you technically can fly the Wizard "line of sight" you're not gonna want to and it's really not made for that. With the wizard you are going to get your hands on some FPV goggles because the on-board camera isnt recording anything, it's just being streamed to directly to FPV goggles so you fly FPV not "line of sight". So with the propel it was "fly now, watch later," and with the wizard it's "use the live video to fly now and it you want to record it you throw a GoPro on the front and get that recorded footage on your own."

    Does that make sense? It sounds like what you're wanting to do with the Wizard is actually the way you pretty much have to do it. Saving that footage for later is what you'd have to work out (i.e. GoPro).
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  6. Artofacks1

    Artofacks1 Member

    What I want is to fly and see streamed video but not in goggles but on my phone screen.

    With the Propel Aviation 2 HD Video drone, I can see the video live as I fly and it is also recording that video to my phone. Its cool that way cus I can fly line of sight but fly fpv if I just look at the stream on my phone.

    Its been easier for me to learn with line of sight and iphone mix.

    Does that make more sense?

  7. MrkThMn

    MrkThMn Member

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense!

    With the Wizard, its pretty fast so the only time I've seen people fly it LOS is for a quick minute when they're first getting a feel for it on a maiden flight. Dont get me wrong, You can definitely do it but that would be too much work for my brain, haha!

    As far as not wanting goggles... I have seen monitors that people hook up instead of goggles. They typically do it with groups so they can see other peoples footage while the person flying wears their goggles. You could do that with the wizard. Fly it LOS but have it streaming to one of those monitors instead on a tripod/stand. It looks like there are a good amount of options out there and they are comparable in price to goggles. The video going to the monitor could be split off to a DVR meant for recording FPV like that so you could capture the streaming footage. FPV footage isn't the highest quality though so I would recommend going with your plan to fly LOS with the Monitor as needed, but then strap a GoPro to the front for that HD footage. Like I said originally, When people switch from GoPro to FPV footage in YouTubes it's always kind of a buzzkill cause the FPV is standard def and has feedback crackles and stuff in it vs the clear HD footage of the GoPro.

    It's taken us a little bit of back and forth but have we kinda hit on your question this time? If you do a google search for "FPV Monitor" you can check out the options available.
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  8. Artofacks1

    Artofacks1 Member

    Yes sir!!!!thanks
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  9. MrkThMn

    MrkThMn Member

    Awesome!! **Fist Bump**
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  10. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    :) These days there are so many fine action cams that have wonderful video at a fraction of the cost of a GoPro. On a 220 size quad a mobius form factor (smaller and lighter) may make more sense. Maybe not for competitive, proximity racing but many use full fledged HD cams for actually flying FPV.

    Techmoan does lots of nice reviews, here's one he liked. Currently on special.

    In a smaller form factor (~50 grams) this looks like a deal.

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  11. MrkThMn

    MrkThMn Member

    Thanks for the info Jackson!
  12. Artofacks1

    Artofacks1 Member

    Jackson, so these will transmit to an iphone using an app and wifi?

  13. mozquito1

    mozquito1 i built a quad, & the damn thing flies.

    From what I've read the higher the resolution the more lag on the camera processing to the vtx. Not much but it may cost you. You would be wasting the XX20 for something like that. It's a racer or freestyle. Sounds dodgy whatever your upto. Like you need to maybe make a quick exit. Lol
  14. Artofacks1

    Artofacks1 Member

    I ended up buying some eachine800 goggles and a p175 Quadcopter.

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