Ack Betaflight and now can't bind Tx - please help

Discussion in 'Build & Tune' started by FPVwannaB, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. FPVwannaB

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    So I decided to flash Betaflight onto my Naze 32 Board (FS-1A6 receiver is/was an RTF p130 I transplanted onto a 180 mm frame) flash and firmware was no problem.

    I used the bind plug and followed these instructions (insert bind plug quick flash turn on FS-i6 with bind plug pressed then wait for slower blink):

    Here is the problem. I flashed betaflight and found out my RX was no longer bound to my TX. So I used the bind cord and followed the instructions to bind the RX and TX. It worked. But there is no 3rd port shopwing my RX now like in this tutorial and I am LOST. Can't fly regretting taking advice on installing Betaflight because me being new I can't get it to work
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  2. Jackson

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    Keep in mind, the RX that came with the unit is PWM only.

    Is this what you have?

  3. FPVwannaB

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    I had the wrong rx selected, it was never a binding issue. Got a lot of good experience on the journey though!
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