A nice new package from Eachine

Discussion in 'Mini Quads & Racing' started by Jackson, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Jackson

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  2. holtneil

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    Hi Jackson thats a good price , it will be nice if they do an ARTF for these that have a good transmitter
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  3. Jackson

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    Well I'm a bit partial as that is the transmitter I use which I really like.

    But you make a valid point for those who want to use another transmitter. :)

    What's also nice is the top mount for the batteries, which makes for a much more balanced quad compared to the Eachine Racer 250 which is back heavy right out of the box with the included battery, the FPV antenna precludes top mounting. Going to a larger, let's say 1800mAh battery for some leisurely, more flight time flying, exacerbates the problem even more.

    The angled motor pods also seem like they will protect the motors.
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  4. GJH105775

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    Thread moved and stickied for a little bit, a redirect will be up in the original section for 7 days.

    Looks like a great deal for those wanting to get started cheap, great deal too. Might change the name of the thread to be more descriptive, or if you wish I can move it back as it was not necessarily in the wrong place.
  5. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    Hi Jackson, the tilted motors will give you more speed at a lower angle of attack, whats spares like to get its looks the mutts plums
  6. bullgoose

    bullgoose Active Member

    You can buy it without the transmitter and screen. I have one en-route to use with my Devo 7. http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Rac...-Version-p-995366.html?p=2O21111526893201504H

    I had no intention of getting one of these until I saw a mates, its a fantastically well put together piece of kit........... Still can't believe the rat would not let me fly it, look, touch but cant fly and I got him in the bleedin hobby !
  7. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    That's not the same quad. o_O
  8. bullgoose

    bullgoose Active Member

    haha, good point. Should stop the new year party me thinks :confused:
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  9. RGJameson

    RGJameson Hanging in there...

    That is sharp!
  10. philisweatly

    philisweatly Well-Known Member

    Just ordered mine last night! Woo!
  11. Seamus Brady

    Seamus Brady Member

    Good price for the quad
  12. Joester_FPV

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  13. eatpasta

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  15. vox

    vox Member

    How would one of these fare up to the eachine wizard x220?
  16. Jackson

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    DID you notice the post is from almost 2 years ago? Much has changed. :)
  17. vox

    vox Member

    Ah, I seee that now :D

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