A free guidebook to buy a quadcopter

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  1. DronesByAJ

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    Hi guys, here is the the link to the website where you can download a free ebook " A guide to buy a quadcopter under $100".
    I'm A.J., the author of this website. please feel free to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.
    The website provides the best tips, reviews and " how to" guides to buy and fly a drone quadcopter.

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  2. holtneil

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    Hi AJ I made this sticky so it stays at the top , this will help newbies
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  3. DronesByAJ

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    Thank you
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  5. jangho

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    Thank you!
  6. Chloe Clark

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    Thanks A.J. for such a nice resource,i read this blog it provides such a nice information ,Regarding to this topic i read another blog on web it is also providing such a nice information.It covers all of the query of "how to fly a quadcopter",I'm sharing a url to you please go through it
    Thank You
  7. Kabuki

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    Really helpful resources. Thanks!
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  9. JerseyBiker

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    It looks like most of the stuff on that site is from 2015. I could not find the guide to buy a quadcopter under $100. Was I looking in the wrong place? anyone have a direct link to the guide? Thanks
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  11. JerseyBiker

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    Thanks, even better that site has a free e-book on flying quadcopters which should be beneficial to this newbie. :)
  12. Gabriel Yee

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    Glad you liked it :)
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