360 Tiny Planet | DJI Spark 360 Spherical Panorama

Discussion in 'Flight Videos' started by Gadget Inspector, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Gadget Inspector

    Gadget Inspector Be good to somebody and be good to yourself.

    I have a cheap 360 camera that has been collecting dust, and I just got my DJI Spark. Both take 360 panoramas, so I thought I'd have some fun with both.
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  2. War Chest

    War Chest Well-Known Member

    Love this 360 experimentation. Definitely something I'm looking to get into in the future. Great work man.
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  3. wafflejock

    wafflejock Well-Known Member

    Yup cool edits with some 360 content, I have one of these cameras sitting around too one of my buddies bought it and left it at my place. So far I've only strapped it to an RC car which would have been cooler except it was a bit too dark for the camera to pick things up well and the way it was mounted leant itself to bouncing around a lot. I also flew with it on my quad a couple of times but I was still in stumbling phases of learning to fly and constantly crashing at the time so I didn't get much footage.

    Curious what software you used to stitch the 360 footage and how you edited this in general. I had a lot of problems trying to share the video off the cheapo camera as a real 360 video on YouTube, it did "work" but again not ideal footage really.

    PS I also had no idea how to take the audio out without losing the 360ness of the video so probably want to mute it if you hit play below:
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  4. Gadget Inspector

    Gadget Inspector Be good to somebody and be good to yourself.

    I used Premiere Pro to stitch and edit. There are apps like THETA+ that allow you to stitch and edit on your phone though. The 360 camera I have doesn't have the best quality, but it does pretty much everything the expensive ones do. I'm planning on getting one with a little more quality; I want to incorporate more 360 into my videos. That's a neat idea mounting one to a car. I might have to try that.

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