3.7V Battery Life flying a X5C?

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    How many times (approx.) can you recharge a 3.7 Volt battery --flying a x5c before you have to trash it?
    I have been using the same 4 batteries since beginning of July--recharging immediately after flying and using for the next day's flight and my flight time has been reduced at least 30% to 40%. Could this be because of motor wear or worn batteries?
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    Probably not motor ware unless they are stiff BEFORE you plug the battery in, be careful not to mistake FET drag for dirty motors (if they are DC motors (two wires) FET drag is not existent). It is probably a battery problem as that is very common, running the batteries low and charging them warm is a little harder on them to start with and they are cheaply made.
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    I have a Syma X5C also, and the stock battery is doing the same thing (only lasting two or three minutes, and not offering as much lift and power as before). I agree with GJH105775 about overrunning the batteries and charging them before they've completely cooled off (I think that's what happened to mine). I'd say just buy this 3 pack of upgraded 600mAh batteries (they work better and offer longer flight times anyway): http://www.amazon.com/MicroMall-3pc...d=1440077976&sr=8-2&keywords=syma+x5c+battery (I bought a pack of these, and they do so much better than the stock batts).
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    Yeah, they are not much heavier and provide more capacity.
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    Expect about 30 to 40 charges on average before they most likely need replacing.

    The Turnigy NanoTech 750 mah battery seems to be the go to battery for longer flights and a little more power on the x5 series, as they have a higher C rating than the stock battery.

    The one thing however to watch for is the plug on the nanotech batteries...they dont match up to the stock x5c plug and need to be removed and reversed to properly fit..Failure to do this will result in frying your flight board.

    The polarity is correct but not how it fits to the x5c plug..the battery plug needs to be flipped around.

    EDIT: Batteries are hit and miss..all of them are mass produced and there are a small percentage of "bad" cells that can get purchased.

    Always charge your battery completely charged before its first useage..Never store a battery that is fully charged..For a lipo, 3.7v is the storing voltage one should be stored at.

    Many of these toy USB chargers really destroy batteries as they arent considered "smart chargers"...Many of them will not turn off at the correct voltage and overcharge your battery before it shuts down, which most certainly will kill the life of the battery prematurely...a 1s lipo should never be charged above 4.23v maximum.

    A good battery charger is a very wise long term investment to ensure proper charging and longer battery life of all batteries you may use.

    The Imax B6 seems to be a very popular charger among toy quad owners.

    Beware of ebay and amazon imax b6 fakes...they are not as superior to the original.
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    Give these a try;


    They fit perfectly with no modification. Come with a 4 port charger. I have been using them for a couple of weeks now. I removed the camera and landing gear and flew gently at a few feet above the grass until battery discharged. There is no warning with the Syma. I got 12 minutes and a few seconds, so now I stop flying at 10 minutes just to be safe and to preserve battery life. I expect to lose a minute or two with the gear and camera installed and another minute or two with the camera operating. Two hints for you; don't run the batteries all the way down and don't charge them warm.
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