200mah vs 150mah

Discussion in 'Newb Guides' started by Cfour, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Cfour

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    I'm new to all of this so please excuse me if this is a dumb question.
    So I bought myself the inductrix fpv to get a feel for drone racing. I went to buy extra battery for it and the hobby shop sold me 150mah batteries but the one that came with the drone is 200mah. so what's the difference?
  2. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    50 mah
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  3. Jackson

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    Most folks would rather get a slightly more mAh battery if it fits. Your 150's will probably reduce flight time a tad.
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  4. Cfour

    Cfour Member

    Thanks for the info. Went back and looks like the guy sold me the wrong ones
  5. DuaneM

    DuaneM Drone? I don't see any drone ... crap!

    Personally I use 1200 and 850mha batteries in my toy drone (it's designed for 730mha) so I can fly for much longer. I shed the extra weight of the batteries by removing the prop guards.

    I have to duc tape the battery to the top of the drone, but I'm not into racing, just learning and practicing before I go crazy and buy a large aerial platform drone for photography.

    Too bad you took them back, could of had some fun experimenting with fit issues.

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