1st Quadcopter with rc helicopters

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    Hey guys..
    Is it neccessary to have all propellers at same height??
    What will happen if 2 props are held at more height than other 2?..
  2. RENOV8R

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    They need to be at the same height or you'll have "prop wash" which is the downdraft created by one set of propellers adversely affecting the other props.
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    100% true.

    However I have seen successful builds where the CW props were offset ~2 inches from the CCW props. It flew just fine, however it is certainly not recommended. A little offset small enough that it won't affect the other props will likely be fine or if the props are far enough apart you should be fine.

    Can you give us more details on what you are trying to accomplish? There are a lot of variables to affect the outcomes.
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    Im sure it would fly but feel very awkward. Im just assuming here but I would guess all flight controllers are programmed assuming all props are at the same height. And the fact that theres no quads made otherwise kind of confirms that. But its a damn good question. I can appreciate an open mind.

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    I have tried it..i have used two rc helicopter receiver circuits (2 channel) which can be controlled by 1 transmitter. I am facing a problem that its going towards one side...and doesnt takes off nicely as well. See the pics i have attached...2 CW props and 2 CCW props have different height.and yea i know its just 2 channel..i can just throttle and do right and left but its all ok as i made it cheap and as a beginner

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    Thanks for reply..can u please elaborate on what is prop wash..and see my other post.and pics of quad

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