16:9 video in 4:3 screen

Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by 94onur94, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. 94onur94

    94onur94 New Member

    Hi guys, I have a runcam eagle 2 with 16:9 ratio version and I can't change ratio. I want to buy Fatshark Dominator HD3. The screen has 4:3 aspect ratio for analog video. Will aspect ratio difference make trouble? Does the image squeezed? How does the image appear on the screen? Thanks...
  2. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Can't you change ratio withe the osd control for the cam. I wouldn't know if the HD3 has that option as they won't & are not making any goggles with bigger IPD.
    So sod them.
  3. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Eachine's latest goggles can switch between 4:3 and 16:9 to match the camera. They also have a wide IPD range of 56-72mm.
  4. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    The HD3 goggles automatically change to 16:9 when you switch to HD mode
  5. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    The new aomway commanders have a 72mm IPD but I'm not paying 400.
    & the ev200 ain't in stock anywhere here yet. I'll have to check what you claim as the fatashark designer said in that video Bardwell did that no bigger IPD I'm future. The skyzones I had said upto 69 but I think it was shorter.
    I would be happy with just a pair of SD but with a wider IPD as I have a groundstation.

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